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Soul Recovery and Extraction
Soul Recovery and Extraction

Soul Recovery and Extraction -

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Soul Recovery

-- is the modern term given to a 10,000-year-old shamanic healing method practiced around the world by Native people. The recovery of soul pieces can be brought back by a shaman who, with your permission, "Journeys" in an altered state on your behalf.

Soul Recovery is a tool used to retrieve trapped, lost or stolen soul pieces from, either the present, or a past life. Soul loss occurs : when another person knowingly or unknowingly, steals a piece of your soul; when you willingly give up a piece of your soul to another; or when a piece splits off due to a trauma* involving accident, injury, anger, or rage. Soul loss may even occur as a result of love, as well as a result of hate. Many of us actually give away a part of our soul in the name of love and, so, set the scene for future fragmented life experiences.

All of us are meant to be whole, but our daily lives and our interaction with others can cause fragmentation or soul loss. When loss occurs, we are no longer able to walk our life journey holistically; and the fact of our inner imbalance can result in physical, mental or emotional dysfunction.

Soul Recovery provides you with new and affirming information about yourself. The resulting integration process allows for personal insights through which you may prevent similar loss(s) in the future. Working to make yourself whole, opens new and more appropriate direction for your individual spiritual journey this lifetime. Soul Recovery is a process that can help!

What is Extraction ?

Extraction is a process that is used alone or in tandem with Soul Recovery. While in an altered state, a shaman removes negative energy and/or entities that might have attached themselves to your physical body, to your aura, or to your chakras. It is a clearing that facilitates healing and wholeness. In combination with Soul Recovery (the return of your soul pieces), you will be able to lead a more harmonious and balanced life.

The Process

We find the process works best when performed during the night or while you are at rest. After Soul Recover and Extraction (SR&E) is facilitated by the shaman who has journeyed on your behalf, you will call him/her at a pre-arraigned time. The SR&E experienced by the shaman will be reported to you in every detail..

Follow-up reports, back to your shaman, will be scheduled at agreed upon time intervals. This will allow for appropriate monitoring of your own individual integration process. You are encouraged to call any time, however, if questions or concerns should arise.

Warning Signals of Soul Loss -

Feel as if part of you is missing or has been taken.

Loss of emotional feelings or unable to release them.

Addictions ( of any kind) food, drugs, alcohol, love, codependency, gambling, cravings.

Depression or fears.

Stuck in the "past" after a loved one -- child or adult -- has died -- You can't seem to move out of the past to live in the present.

Unable to stay grounded. Constantly daydreaming, not wanting to be here on Earth, not wanting to CONNECT with reality. Scattered feeling.

Blocks of memory gone-- at any time in life, but, particularly from childhood.

Shame or guilt feelings, this fuels loss of self-esteem/confidence, and has been caused (usually) in childhood.

Rape or abuse of any kind.

Asking: "Why am I here?" -- A sense of no direction, no focus, a wandering around aimlessly -- no sense of purpose or of self.

When you have soul pieces missing, you are unbalanced and not in harmony with yourself, others, or the planet. Only through balance and harmony (LOVE) expressing from within you, can wholeness exist. The degree to which you are committed to and responsible for your own wholeness, is the degree to which your healing takes place. In order to experience your wholeness of being, reclaiming the missing soul pieces and/or removing negative energy and/or entities is essential to your spiritual healing and well being.

A Soul Journey Will Empower You To:

Achieve a new level of serenity and balance.

Experience the rewards of self-discovery and revitalized energy.

Allow LOVE to touch your heart center.

Contact Michael or Gail at Gail@owlswebnest.com to discuss scheduling a JOURNEY. There is a requirement to get a small book SOUL RECOVERY and EXTRACTION by Ai Gvhdi Waya, cost of $11.95, to understand the process.

This is a month long process (or more) with several CHECK -IN consultations. The total fee is $ 300.00 for this process.

Prices are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing.