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Seminars for 2011 - Crystal Healing, Transformers for the Light

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(classes can be taken in any order)

Colored Stones and Crystal Healing at Mount Ida

Mount Ida Sign

Mother Nature blessed the Ouachita Mountains with the most beautiful quartz crystal in the world. That is why Mount Ida is known as the "Quartz Crystal Capital of the World". All rock hounds are welcome, both amateur and professional.

Colored Stones and Crystal Healing Syllabus

5-day Seminar

WHO SHOULD COME: Anyone who loves crystals and colored stones. Anyone desiring to follow the Natural World or Red Road Path. All those on a shamanic path. Anyone wanting to learn to work with Mother Earth crystal and colored stones energies.

WHAT: You will learn to work with the healing aspects of crystals and colored stones and much more.

WHERE: The class will be held at the Shangri-La Lodge. You will be responsible and need to make your own reservations and travel arrangements. There are kitchenettes available at this writing and several cabins are available.

987 Shangri-La Drive
Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957
(870) 867-2011
Fax: (870) 867-4088
e-mail: shangrilaresort@earthlink.net

WHEN : October 24th to October 28th 2011

COST: Total is $750.00 with a $150.00 nonrefundable deposit.

LIMITED SEATING : 20 people, maximum.

SEMINAR CONFERENCE TIME : 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. AM and PM breaks and lunch around noon

Check in is 8:30 AM Monday



8:30 AM to 9:00 AM Registration and Workbooks will be handed out.

1. Introduction of classmates.

2. Crystal science. Crystal history.

3. Use of crystals by indigenous people around the world.

4. Crystal deposits (Arkansas, Brazil, etc.).

5. How to talk with a crystal spirit. How crystals relate to us energetically.

6. Types of crystals (single terminated, tabulars, meditation, personal, phantoms, double terminated, clusters, wide C-faced healing crystals). Inclusions vs. clear quartz.

7. Crystal colors and definitions.

8. Smoky quartz--when to use it and when not to use it.

9. Charging water. Quartz crystal essence and how to make it. Quartz crystal proving with attendees.


1. How to choose the correct crystal for yourself.

2. Care and feeding of your crystal. Recharging your crystal.

3. Powerful times to use a crystal.

4. The seven major color rays. Red ray gemstones. Orange ray gemstones. Yellow ray gemstones. Green ray gemstones. Blue ray gemstones. Purple/Indigo/Violet ray gemstones. White ray gemstones.

5. Using crystals on animals and plants.

6. Creating a "crystal garden."


1. The Chakras, their meaning, myth and symbology and how it applies to us in every day terms.

2. Aura assessment; what is it and how to do it. Cleansing yourself first. How to center and ground yourself.

3. Toning the aura with a crystal.

4. Performing your first aura assessment.

5. Doing a second aura assessment.

6. What hot and cold mean. What 'texture' means.

7. Tools that a crystal healer needs:large- c faced quartz crystal, abalone shell, two feathers, and sage.


1. How to use a crystal to assist healing.

2. Understanding the concept of left and right side of body and its meanings.

3. Using a colored stone to put in the person's left hand.

4. Learning how to do "spot" healings with a crystal.

5. What color to use to fill the client with.

6. Performing a crystal healing based upon prior day's assessments.

7. Ruffling and unruffling the field.

8. How to turn tiredness into instant energy.

9. Discussion after the crystal healings.

10. Crystal tune-up--what is it and how to do it. Everyone will do one with a partner in the seminar.


1. Performing assessments and doing a full crystal healing.

2. Learning to feel the aura and interpret what it means for your client.

3. Continued discussion regarding the findings of your assessment on your client.

4. The differences in feeling and working in a person's aura.

5. Making a colored stone essence.

6. Drinking the water and doing an instant proving on it.

7. Discussion on colored stones that are useful during a crystal healing.

NOTE: We will be going to a mine to dig crystals on a day that the weather permits, so bring some clothes for digging in red clay that you don't mind getting stained. Useful items to bring are: a short stool or something to sit on, a rock hammer, a small bucket, hat and long sleeves for sun protection, snacks and water.

Crystal digs