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Seminars for 2011 - Natural World, Walking the Path of Beauty

Select from the following for details about each seminar.
(classes can be taken in any order)

Basic Foundation for Shamanism




8:30 AM to 9:00 AM Registration and Workbooks will be handed out.

9:00 AM-Noon Schedule


1. Natural World Cosmology; path of the heart. What does it mean?

Natural World etiquette, the do's and don't. Sage and it's special meaning. Tobacco/cornmeal as gifts. Native American protocol.

2. Mother Earth; are you connected to her or not? How to reconnect.

3. The four directions and their meaning. The elements, air, earth, water and fire. The four spirits of the major directions. How to connect with them.

4. Finding your direction of power and weakness

5. The minor directions and their meaning. When to connect with them.

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Schedule


1:30 PM-5:00 PM


6. What is a medicine wheel? How and why is it used? Using quartz crystals to set the energy for each direction of your medicine wheel. How to program your crystal to work with each specific direction energy.

7. Creating an altar; how to do it. How to use it.

8. Creating a medicine wheel out of your home, your office, and your meditation room/altar area.

EXERCISE: How to make a medicine wheel out of your bedroom, and place each programmed quartz crystal in it, and then sleep in it. Which way is your head pointed? If it's not your power direction, then turn the bed to that direction and see what happens. Keep a pen and notebook nearby in case dreams occur. Write them down; bring them to class the next morning.

9. Sweat lodge protocol list hand out to be given before we close up for the evening to all participants.

a) Women to wear shifts or loose fitting clothes made of natural fibers. Men to wear minimum of swimming trunks and a T-shirt for men.Many women are highly uncomfortable with a nearly naked man because of sexual abuse or abuse. So, we like people covered up for this reson in mixed sweats. A changing area is available.

(b) 2 large towels should be brought for each person to cover themselves in the sweat (PARTICIPANTS TO BRING)

(c) plenty of water after the sweat will be available.

(d) Those who cannot attend the first sweat, will remain outside the structure and meditate during the ceremony. They will journal their meditation. OR, they can choose not to come. It is your choice.

END of day one of seminar.


9:00 AM to Noon Schedule

Debrief chat: Did you set up a room last night for the medicine wheel? What happened? Personal experiences to be discussed within the group.

Making a medicine bag come to life. (You can bring cloth or leather pouch (already made beforehand). Items to put into the medicine bag. Stone(s), feather(s), shells(s), gemstones, cornmeal/tobacco/sage, any other personal item desired.

Bring a pillow, blanket for a shamanic journey later in the day--find out where your "Safe Place" is. If you are already in contact with your safe place enjoy this time to go there.


1. Birthing and creating a medicine bag. The tradition behind it. What it is for. What to put into it. Protocol regarding its use. How to use it during ceremony, sweat lodge, or other times/occasions.

2. The "tools" of ceremony the drum, rattle, sweat lodge medicine stone, sweat lodge and pipe. Their meanings and uses to us.

3. Symbology of plants, animals, rocks. How it applies to the contents of your medicine bag. Working with indigenous spirits of your country. How to do it.

Lunch 12-1:30 PM

1:30 PM-500 PM Schedule


4. Acquiring other guides at other times. Their meaning. Their use to you. How to work with them, integrate them into your daily life.

5. Double checks; what are they? Asking for them when appropriate.

6. Songs, singing and their healing power.

7. Safe Place shamanic journey

END of the day's seminar. This will be our first sweat lodge evening. Those who want to meditate outside the sweat lodge may do so. Time to be announced.


9:00 AM to NOON Schedule

First Sweat debrief....participants from last night will share their experience, as well as questions will be raised and answered.

Astral body out of physical body....our problems in grounding ourselves. Technique. How to do it. Practice it.

The importance of grounding to do earth energy work effectively.


Noon to 1:30 PM LUNCH

Crystal healing technique as discovered by Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, Apache medicine woman. Everyone should bring one 3-4" wide "C" face crystal, and their feathers. (If you don't have a good healing crystal with a wide C face, there will a number of them for sale at the seminar that you can purchase).

5:00 PM END of the day's seminar. This will be our second sweat lodge evening. Those who want to meditate outside the sweat lodge may do so. Time to be announced.


9:00 AM to Noon Schedule

Second sweat debrief

Materials needed for prayer bundles

4 -- 4" x 4" cotton squares (one each) of red, blue, black and yellow--participants bring these items with you. A small pair of scissors, also.

4 small goose/duck feathers (fluff) Participants are expected to bring their own. Feathers can be 1-3 inches long.

1 skein of red yarn. 1 skein of blue yarn--to be provided.

Gifts for the 4 prayer bundles: cornmeal (1/8 cup), tobacco (very small amount, about 1/8 cup), sage (1 wand or stick) and this can also be sage from your garden that you grow, or purchased at a market, personal items (no money), a lock of hair, a piece of jewelry, fresh or dried flowers, food, nuts, seeds, etc. Bring small amounts because prayer bundles are small (limited by the 4" x 4" cloth being pulled into a pouch. Participants to bring any or all of these items. Whatever is chosen should be intuitive rather than relying solely on this list. If you aren't sure, bring them and Michael and Gail will help you with the decisions you are to make.

1 zip lock (plastic, reseal able) bag to pick up stones, shells or whatever you want to bring as contents for your medicine bag which you'll make on Wed.--participants are asked to bring these item with them.

1 small quartz crystal as a giveaway to Mother Earth--participants must supply their own. Crystal can be 1/4" to 1" in length; something small.


1. Group demonstration and the making 4 prayer bundles by each individual; what they are, how to use them, and how to change your life with them.

2. Personal song; what is it? How to receive one.

Noon LUNCH 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

1:30 PM-5:00 PM--OUTDOORS and learning to work with trees, bushes, flowers and rocks

1. Bring your quartz crystal as a giveaway to Mother Earth.

2. Learning to meditate with Mother Earth; how to talk with her. Meditating with her. Gifting her.

3. Talking with a tree. How to do it. Demonstration and then participants will find a tree, meditate with it and journal their experience.

4. Talking circle after meditations. Sharing our experiences and what happened.

5:00 PM END of the day's seminar. This will be our third sweat lodge evening. Those who want to meditate outside the sweat lodge may do so. Time to be announced.


9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Schedule

3rd Sweat debrief

Dream debrief

What it means to be reconnected back to Mother Earth--finally

What you need to do when you leave this seminar to keep this connection alive and growing.

LUNCH 12-1:30 PM

1:30 PM-5:00 PM

1. The power of dreams and dream symbols.

2. Communicating with the "little people"--the bugs, trees, plants, and correct protocol to engage them.

3. Feathers, and how it is used Feathers used in healing.

4. Hands on healing; the correct way to do it.

5:00 PM closure of the seminar and farewell.


The 5-day Seminar will include

1. Finding your direction of strength and weakness.

2. Working with the four major direction spirits

3. Making 4 prayer bundles; what they are, how to use them, and how to change your life with them.

4. The singing of songs. Bring your drum, rattle, etc.

5. Your personal song; what is it, how to utilize it, where to find it

6. Learning how to talk to our relations; the plants, trees, rocks and shrubs.

7. Working with Mother Earth; how to talk to her, how to be healed by her

8. Medicine wheel work; how to use it to heal, grow, and understand the deeper parts of yourself. How to make one (and we will). Calling in the spirits of the major directions; how to do it.

9. Participating in a doctoring sweat lodge experience. Learning sweat lodge etiquette.

10. Changing your rooms (or office) in your house to reflect the medicine wheel energy

11. How to heal using your hands, your intent; how to do it right.

12. Feathers, what they are, how to use them, how to work with the bird spirit. Rattles what are they? What are they used for?

13. Making your medicine bag, decorating it, and choosing what goes in it

14. Sacred sage, found the world over, what it is, how to use it

15. Communing with Mother Earth, how to do it, how to reconnect with Her.

16. The four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Which is your strength? Which needs work?

17. Communicating with the Little People the insects, the ants, the spiders

18. Working with different "medicines". What is your medicine? How to find out.

19. The power of dreams. Symbols and meanings of dreams--will be discussed all week long regarding animals, insects, reptiles and birds.

20. Finding out who one of your guides is; shamanic journey to find them. What they mean symbolically, as your teachers, now and in the future.

21. The Doctrine of Signature on animals, insects, and reptiles and what they mean and how they translate into our every day life.

22. Synchronistic happenings. Messages do you know you're being tapped on the shoulder? Double checks; what are they? How to use them

23. Gifts; what are they? How to use them. The protocol.

24. The "tools" of ceremony drum, rattle, pipe, song. How to make a rattle. What you put in the rattle. Decorations for the outside of it.

25. Introduction to Crystal healing technique (Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf/Apache Medicine woman)

NOTE: The sweat lodge is already built. Normally, we build one, but for this seminar, none has to be built. It will hold 8 people at a time. Since the Natural World Seminar is limited to 24 participants, we will 'sweat' with each group of 8 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they will be conducted.

NOTE: The day's events may change, according to the "flow" and energy of the participants. We may move topics around, but ultimately, you will receive information on all the above.

NOTE: There are several good hotels close to the Fort Worth class location. When we hear from you that you are coming, we will get a package in the mail to you that contains information about the Fort Worth area. For Locations outside Fort Worth