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Seminars for 2011- Natural Essences, Journey within the Rainbow World

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Shamanic Natural Essence of Flowers and Gemstones


Any one with a love for Nature.

Learning how to make a flower and gem essence. Learn to commune with the plant and stone people.

To be announced

May 16th to May 20th 2011


$750.00 Per Person. A $150.00 Non-Refundable deposit is required by no later than August 1st, 2009. First come first served. Get your deposit in to reserve your space early. This is a very popular workshop. Space is limited.

What to bring.

We will be out doors for several hours on days that the weather permits. Dress accordingly. You will need a notebook, pen or pencil, colored pencils to draw flowers you are making an essence from, a camera (optional), a towel or something to sit on outside. Please bring bottled water and a snack to eat while we are out in the field.

You will need a small around 6 inch diameter plain glass bowl. This needs to be clear in color with no design, a 3x3 inch square of plain muslin, brown amber dropper bottles, labels for the bottles and a small funnel. You will need a minimum of 3 oz of cornmeal of your choice of color, and 3 oz. of tobacco in separate zip lock bags. You'll want a container to hold these things together. You'll need two quartz crystals or other stone to use to cut with.


This is a classroom and outdoor seminar. The daily syllabus will depend on the weather. Here is the Table of Contents for the workbook.

Natural Essence, Flower and Gemstone Essence Workbook

Table of Contents

  1. The Human Energy System: Chakras 101

  2. Flower Anatomy and Physiology 101

  3. Doctrine of Signatures 101

  4. How to make a Flower or Gem Essence

  5. Flower Essence Field Log

  6. Different "bases" for your Essences

  7. What is a proving?

  8. Stage 1 and Stage 2 Prover's Log

  9. Stage 3, fourteen-day prover's log

  10. Paper Remedy Prover's Log

  11. Prover's guide for symptom and Anatomy/Physiology

  12. Glossary of Terms

  13. This class must be totally flexable due to weather and avaliable Flowers in bloom and stones we will make essence from.

  14. A video on the "Life of Plants" will be viewed showing what the book called by the same name expresses about Plant Life!