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Shamanic Training Seminars

These courses are experiential and will be as different as the group of participants attending.

Each year these classes are changing and being added to as to improve the content and keep our material up-to-date with the new discoveries of the times and to shift energy with the Earth as it changes. The only part of our world that is permanent is CHANGE!

The Natural World, Walking the Path of Beauty is the foundation class that can lead to the Soul Recovery and Extraction Shamanic Facilitator training.  There are three seminars that are prerequisite to be considered for the facilitator instruction: 1. Natural World, Walking the Path of Beauty 2. Natural Essences, Journey within the Rainbow World and 3. Crystal Healing, Transformers for the Light .  These are powerful and self-empowering courses.  We have been blessed to witness the transformation in many people's lives through the application of these tools and techniques. These resources can assist you on your path to balance and harmony, whether or not you go on to become an SRE Facilitator. 

Please note: there is an integration process that occurs during and after the workshops.  You are experiencing a lot in a short period of time.  In order to properly assimilate the effects we strongly advise that you not plan evening activities unrelated to the class.  If you can, we also recommend you extend your stay in or around the local area.  If you must return home immediately, it is very important to take as much quiet time to yourself as you can, away from mundane demands.
NOTE: This is a very important and powerful process that we have worked with and is why we DO NOT teach this process over a long weekend, but require 5 full days of intergration and working with our clients. 

Most of the classes will be in Fort Worth, Texas - "Where the West Begins". Fort Worth has a lot to offer, culturally.  If you can come a few days early or (as suggested above) stay after the seminar for fun, adventure and personal time, let us know. We'll be happy to give you suggestions and recommend places of interest that suit your tastes. 

We have offered these seminars in Fort Worth since 2005.  Through the years, we have traveled all over the world and spent a lot of time in and around Sedona, Arizona teaching this modality.  We love to travel and will consider coming to your area if there are people who are interested. 

Enrollment in Seminar

Please send your deposit payment of $150.00 to Gail Carswell, 3037 James Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110.  If you want to use a credit card you can pay to our account on Paypal at gail@owlswebnest.com   If you would like to use your credit card but do not like PayPal, please contact us at 817-921-5809 and we can assist you.  Be sure to tell us which seminar you are paying your deposit for.  The three foundation courses are $750.00 each. 

This is a non-refundable deposit.  In the event we cancel the class, your money will be refunded. 

Testimonials About Seminars

The Natural World, Walking the Path of Beauty Testimonials are life changing and can lead to Soul Recovery and Extraction Shamanic Facilitator training. (clicking on the link underlined will take you to the testimonials page).