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Gail and Michael have worked with Blue Turtle for several years in the SHAMANIC work involved in the processing of these wonderful essences. Further detail may be obtained from our catalog. Please ask and we can mail one with your first order!

Combinations and formulas are $ 12.95 each, and Flower and Gemstone essences are $ 10.95 each. There is a shipping/handling charge of $ 4.50 (up to three essences in same package!)
Michael and Gail

Evening Primrose Combination Helps to cleanse our being of our own negativity, our shame, our humiliation or anything that would stop us from becoming healthy and having a healthy attitude toward ourselves.
Yarrow Combination (yellow, red, and white) Will show the person what healthy boundaries are; the ability to say "no", and mean it and stick to it. Great for victim's mentality and co-dependent behavior.
Allergy Formula It addresses any kind of allergy condition, whether it is pet hair, molds, mildew, pollen, etc.
Co-Dependence No More Formula For people who have weak boundaries, who are unable to say "no" and mean it, and who need to tend to the garden of themselves first--not last.
Depression Formula For acute depression only. If long-term depression, let your doctor know you are taking this formula. Do not replace this formula for your prescription drug(s) you are taking.
Flu Formula A combination of Feverfew, Echinacea, Monkshood, Chaparral, and Butterfly Weed, this will help with almost all flu symptoms, including upper chest congestion and coughing. This will
Gang-Banger Formula For rebellious teenagers who have disconnected emotionally from society.
Grief Formula To be used to bring old, unresolved grief up out of our subconscious and begin to work through it once and for all.
Meditation Formula To be used ONLY for meditation. Should not be used during the day. Do not use before driving a car. Improves and deepens your meditation to new levels of inner awareness.
Menopause Formula To address the major symptoms from headaches, to restless legs, hot flashes and emotional ups and downs.
PMS Formula A combination of red, yellow, orange and white Tiger Lily, which addresses the emotional aspects of PMS symptoms.
PTSD Formula For those who have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; this helps to deal with those symptoms.
Space Cadet Formula For those who have problems staying grounded and in their body. Symptoms of forgetfulness, spaciness, disorganized, and unable to carry through and finish a project.
Strong Bone Formula To address the continuation of strong bones for women who are starting through or have gone through menopause.
Therapy Formula To be used in conjunction with seeing a therapist. It helps to dig out and identify old, hidden issues or conditional tapes or unhealthy patterns.
Agate Protector essence. Protects person from psychic attacks; prevents loss of energy to another person.
Amber Grounds a person, and stops spacey behavior; gives stability. Helps organizing abilities.
Amethyst Lifts person to a higher level of consciousness. Do not use with hyperactive people.
Apatite For self-deception; needing to know the truth on an inner level, about one's self.
Apophyllite Vision quest essence. Promotes deep meditation and emphasizes person's spiritual qualities.
Aquamarine Mother Nature's tranquilizer essence. Tranquilizer for any kind of stress; insomnia.
Aventurine, (green) Self-worth essence; Draws money to person. Self value emphasized.
Bloodstone Aids healing of any heart-related injury on any level; powerful healer.
Chrysoprase Unbending essence. For those who are rigid in their mental outlook.
Citrine Study Aid essence. Aids in concentration, improves memory for senility or poor memory.
Condor Stone From the Condor Temple at the Machu Picchu temple site, Peru, this gem essence should be used for transformation, meditation and is good for shamanic training.
Emerald Powerful cleanser via the heart; supports the immune system.
Fire Opal High energy, vitality; addresses co-dependence.
Flint Cuts through to root cause or main issue of problem. Grounding.
Fluorite Strengthens mental capacities, helps them to focus. For those in a "Care Givers Role".
Garnet, (red) General vitality and energy boost.
Hematite Aids in stabilizing a person on any and all levels. Grounding.
Jade Digs out repressed, suppressed heart-related issues.
Jasper, (red) Bestows a sense of protection to the individual.
Lapis Lazuli Allows person to communicate more clearly. Speaks up for self, confidence.
Lepidolite Mother Nature's tranquilizer. Provides soothing of the central nervous system. Insomnia.
Moldavite Heart injury; connecting with the repressed, suppressed root cause.
Moonstone Feminine integration essence. Getting in touch with feelings, emotions, right brained.
Obsidian Reflection essence. Reflects suppressed, repressed issues and mirrors them back to the person on a conscious level. Reflects negative from others. Protects.
Opal (Australian) Manic-depression. Brings up emotions from individuals who are disconnected from them.
Peridot Powerful immune system supporter. Heart issues and cleansing of them.
Peruvian Blue Opal Moving into a deep, inner journey of self-hood and discovery.
Peruvian Pink Opal Clarifying one's real passion, real love of people or things in your life.
Petrified Wood Helps disorganized, "spacey" individuals to ground themselves. Grounding.
Pyrite Helps person to value themselves; emphasizes self-esteem issues. Confidence booster.
Quartz Crystal Well known to take away pain at any injury site. Donot apply externally or topically.
Rhodochrosite Past traumas involving heart and head are brought forward to be healed.
Rhodonite Supports self-esteem and confidence.
Rose Quartz Helps release old emotionally charged conditioning tapes. Self-love supported.
Ruby Powerful energizer on all levels; DO NOT use on cancer patients.
Rutilated Quartz Soothes stressed nervous system and stressed-out individuals.
Sapphire, (blue) Enables us to accurately see ourselves--faults as well as strengths.
Sequoia, (petrified) Zen Buddhist essence. The ability to accept whatever Life is throwing at you without "drama queen" antics. Blends your feelings with your mental activity and creates harmony.
Smoky Quartz Digs out serious unconscious issues that we have buried.
Sodalite Improves our intuitive knowing and our trust in that process.
Tiger's Eye Brings a strong sense of value to the self. Supports solid self-confidence.
Topaz, (gold) Brings sunlight back into a person's life; a sense of hope.
Tourmaline (black) Releases negativity, fears, anxieties, and depression. A mirror of our inner psyche.
Tourmaline (blue, indicolite) Speaking up for ourselves in a clean, concise manner. Meditation.
Tourmaline (green) Cleans out toxic conditions in the body on any level. Supports immune system.
Tourmaline (pink) Connects primitive responses with the heart and our emotions.
Tourmaline (watermelon pink/green) Healing of heart related issues.
Unakite Healing past hurts/wounds of the heart/emotions and re-discovery of how to deal with them on a positive and growth level.
Eclipse, Lunar To contact our own, inner darkness, and highlight it so we can integrate our Dark Side. Helps with eye problems. Floaters, insomnia.
Hale-Bopp Comet Appreciation of being alive. Reconnection with Mother Earth. Anger over Trifles. Irritation. Grounding
Aconite, (Monkshood) For panic and anxiety attacks. For shock and trauma.
African Daisy Angry outburst essence. For anger or irritability; stomach nausea, ulcers.
Almond Blossom Inner child. Happy, childlike and playful. Reconnection with our positive inner child.
Amaryllis (pink/white) Emotional release essence. Releasing old emotional issues. May be good for edema, urinary tract or kidney function. (See doctor FIRST about any infection!)
Anthurium (red) Male sexuality essence. Helps males integrate sexuality with heart and emotions; creates reconnection.
Apricot Blossom Co dependence and putting person in touch with those conditioned tape responses.
Arizona Poppy For people with chronic cold hands/feet. Excellent to improve circulation.
Arnica (Heartleaf) For shock. Bruises. Cuts and scrapes (do not apply externally or topically). For soft tissue injury and swelling. After accidents. After operations.
Barberry (Hollygrape) Inflexible opinions essence. For highly opinionated, prejudicial people. High mental activity.
Bear Grass Powerful crown chakra opening, for improving and deepening your meditation.
Bee-Balm Pink (Monarda) Still in testing stage.
Bellis Perennis (pink/yellow) Shock and trauma essence. Protects your emotional and mental state during a crisis or emergency that happens to you or another. For bruises and varicose veins. See Aconite
Black-eyed Susan For people who live up in their head and hold a dark, deep emotional block they avoid at all costs. Will bring up the Shadow issue to be consciously acknowledged, See Crested Prickle
Blanket Flower Increases one's sensitivity to self and others. Seeing the "big picture". Spiritually uplifting. Excellent for Meditation.
Bleeding Heart Sexual dysfunction essence. Heals sexual issues; frigidity, impotence; helps orgasms return.
Bromeliad (red) Spiritual connector. Allows a person to transcend their own day-to-day living and get in touch with the deeper, more spiritual parts of themselves.
Bromeliad (red/yellow) Gang-banger remedy. Sociopath, bossy, militaristic or egotistical behavior. For angry, malicious or pre-meditated child or person who delights in striking at another person's Achilles' heel or vulnerability. Mean-spirited. For envy and jealousy.
Bromeliad, (pink) Uplifting essence. Connecting compassion of the heart into our everyday life. Being able to love self. Good for meditation.
Butterfly Weed Upper Respiratory essence. Good for colds or flu involving the lungs and breathing. Good for coughs, a "flu" essence. See Echinacea.
Cactus, Hedgehog (magenta) Maternal instincts essence. Appreciating one's sensuality. Pregnant women who are disconnected from their condition and the baby they carry.
Cactus, Saguaro The Protector essence. Imbues you with a sense of taking care of yourself; able to express your skills and talents.
Calendula (yellow/gold) Gentle healer essence. The need for deep healing of mind and emotions in a gentle, soothing manner.
Cedar Tree (Thuja) For allergies. Sneezing, running eyes and nose. Good for warts.
Century Plant Breakthrough essence. Utilized for those who want to "break through" whatever is holding them back or retarding their forward motion or growth. Powerful catalytic.
Chaparral Liver cleanser and detoxifier. Excellent for liver function and the kidneys. It boosts the immune system. One of the most powerful detoxifiers known.
Cherry Blossom, Bing Negative emotions essence. Fears, anxieties, rage and hatred are released and resolved.
Cherry Blossom, sour Bitterness essence. Identifies the bitterness or bitter issues in our lives and helps resolve them.
Comfrey Bone Essence. Osteoarthritis, menopause bone loss. Eye trauma or injury.
Coreopsis Appetite suppressant. Halts cravings for; food, drinks, smoking, recreational drugs. Smother mother remedy.
Cottage pinks (pink/red) Energy burst essence. For fatigue, tiredness; burst of energy on any level; particularly the physical one. See Curly Dock.
Cottonwood Cleanses all chakras at once. For people who are extreme in response to life/situations. Extreme emotional response. Enables a person to remain in harmony and not be buffeted by stresses/pressures around them. For dry skin, thirstless people. Helps with heartburn.
Coville's Columbine (yellow) Heart-mind connecting essence. Able to link highly emotional people to their mental, left-brain sphere so they can think clearly and logically through crisis or life events.
Crested Prickle Poppy Shadow (Carl Jung) issues essence. Our dark side is revealed and worked through positively in the dream state. Shadow integration supporter.
Crimson Columbine ADD/ADHA essence. For hyperactive children and adults.
Curly Dock For chronic fatigue syndrome. Lethargy, fatigue and tiredness are helped with this essence.
Dame's Rocket The third eye essence. Getting in touch with your inner vision; ability to see the greater picture and dance in life around you.
Desert Chicory (white) Hidden strengths essence. Integrating our consciousness with our spiritual qualities. Tapping into our hidden strengths.
Desert Globemallow Appraisal essence. The ability to see ourselves very clearly, as well as seeing others with unimpaired vision. For allergies with itching eyes.
Desert Marigold Has shown strength in calming the nervous system. Excellent for anyone who is under stress or who carries tension around with him or her and can't shake it by relaxing. Clarity in one's thinking process. Forgetfulness. Calming to tense tight nerves.
Desert Paintbrush For those who cling to others and live their lives voyeuristically through another instead of living a full and creative life on their own. Co-dependence.
Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower) Immune system support essence. Good for flu's and colds; sinusitis.
Echo Blue Creative ideas essence. Good for writers, speakers, anyone in a creative field.
Erigonum Abertianum "Venus" Heart chakra opening essence. For those who have suffered heart wounds and have closed down, refusing to open back up. Depression.
Evening Primrose (pink) Toxic family cleanser essence. Cleansing ourselves regarding our family/relationships, and deals with heart-related issues and working through them.
Evening Primrose (white) Toxicity cleanser essence. A general cleanser for all chakras on all levels of ourselves. For mental negativity and pessimism.
Evening Primrose (yellow) Mental cleanser essence. Mentally reconnects us with the aspects of living our life through cleansing ourselves in some manner; getting rid of unwanted opinions or fixed ideas that can
Feverfew For fever during colds and flu. Part of the flu combination.
Fireweed Restoration essence. When life destroys us, this supports our ability to start over - successfully.
Foxglove (Digitalis) For menopause hot flashes, vertigo and dizziness, and headaches. Sexual dysfunction. Excellent for increased confidence and self-esteem. Has been known to stimulate Kundalini. Wounds to the heart; old grief that has refused to be processed. (Do not take if on heart
Ginger, Kali Good for sore throats with attending eat pain symptoms.
Ginger, White for deep depression; when a person feels hopeless and that all is lost. For those who give up or surrender in some way to life and need energy to stand back up and fight for what they
Glacier Lily Transcends a person's daily life and helps them to see the larger picture. Excellent for depressions and those who have the "blahs".
Hypericum, St. Johnswort Excellent in any nerve-related problem, from whiplash from an accident, to lower back pain, to spinal column injury. Also good for soft tissue injuries (crushed finger or toe).
Iris (purple bearded) For those who feel completely stuck/entrapped or in stasis of some kind. For people who want to break free but feel they can never be so. For obsessive/compulsive.
Iris (yellow) Releases old thought patterns (harbored negative emotions) that stunt our growth. Eye problems. Pterygiums are helped 50% to 80%.
Iris Batik Still in the testing stage.
Lilac (purple) Inflexibility, lack of higher vision or purpose.
Magnolia Blossom Healing the feminine wound (for both genders). For women, allowing them to get in touch with their true femininity and expressing it on all levels and in all ways.
Mariposa Lily (white) Personal integrity essence. Awakening our higher self, values morals.
Meadow Goldenrod Illumination essence. Good for heart wound issues, healing them and replacing them with a constant state of joy about living life. Depression.
Mormon Tea Tree Powerful spiritual enhancer for meditations. Many provers had spontaneous Kundalini experiences.
Nectarine Blossom Prejudice. Dealing with prejudices and releasing them.
Ocotillo Emotional expression essence. Inability to express your emotions; ability to understand your feelings. Inspires creativity based upon your emotional foundation. Helps with Carpal tunnel, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, menopausal bone loss, Osteoarthritis.
Olive tree blossom Allergies, sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose.
Orchid, Gower Ramsey (Butterfly) Butterfly essence. Used in cases where negative feelings thrive; this essence can transform them to the opposite--joy, contentment and being glad to be alive.
Orchid, Phal. (Stone Pinto) Stability essence. Halts and adjusts over-emphasized reactions and emotional responses. Maturity instead of childishness.
Orchid, Phal. Mary Vanek Herpes zoster and simplex. For joint inflammation and any type of joint pain.
Orchid, Phal. Menopause Helps in most menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and headaches.
Oriental Lily (pink) Sexual dysfunction essence. Helps release sexual and emotional dysfunction issues and return to a healthier sex life.
Owl's Clover The victim essence. For "victims" with co-dependant behavior and releasing it. For "poor me" attitude and releasing it.
Pansy, yellow with black mask For restless leg syndrome. Getting organized.
Parrot Tulip (white with red strips) The "who am I ?" essence. Puts person in touch with REAL self; not what someone else wants you to be.
Passion Flower (purple) Discovers what your passion really is and defines it. Sexual dysfunction in either gender.
Peach Blossom Positive-mothering skills. Healing of the "mother wound" in both genders when dealing with a new baby in the family.
Pear Blossom Healing reproductive issues for women--miscarriage, abortion, loss of a baby, etc. Inspires feminine qualities and integration. Nurturing of self.
Penstamon (pink) Passion for living essence. Bestows courage, faith and strength.
Prickly Pear Entrapped essence. For those who feel trapped; it will give you personal freedom.
Ranunculae (pink/black) Injured heart essence. Heals love-related issues and grief.
Red Corn Poppy Excellent for anyone who has or is presently living in an abusive household. For children or teenagers who are dysfunctional and have a lot of rage that is being suppressed.
Rose, Mom's (orange/yellow) Loss of loved one essence. Heals shock or trauma experienced through the heart, feelings (divorce, loss of a loved one, etc.).
Scorpionweed Abuser essence. For abusive people. Works with abusive behavior on any level; particularly violent physical attackers.
Sea Pink Child-like joy essence. Reclaiming our inner child integration. For depression.
Shasta Daisy Trusting your intuition essence. It enables you to trust what you know-- and then act upon it accordingly.
Snakeweed Confrontation of fears essence. Where fear rules you and you can't act appropriately. This addresses any fear--especially confrontation with others. . Stops known and unknown fears. For; anxiety and panic attacks See Aconite (Monkshood).
Spanish Bayonet Yucca Military mentality essence. For aggressive, irritable, belligerent, over-bearing people who control other people's lives.
Sunflower Excellent for depression. Gives hope to the hopeless. Sheds light in our own particular darkness. Brings light into our inner despair.
Ti "Corn" Plant (Hawaiian) Releasing old sexual dysfunction issues. Dissolves lost or forgotten memories of past hurts regarding our sexuality.
Tiger Lily For PMS, for pre-menopausal symptoms, anger, irritation, emotional ups and downs. Those who throw things at others.
Tree Peony (pink) Powerful emotional essence. Deals with deep-rooted emotional issues that have taken root. Depression.
Western Wall Flower Negative emotions release essence. Releases angers, anxieties, fears, powerful urinary system cleanser; genius-like inspirations and creativity. "Vacation Mindset".
Willow Crutch essence. For those who cling to others with an unhealthy "crutch-like" behavior.
Yarrow Boundaries essence. For those who have problems putting up boundaries and saying "no." Good for co-dependent types; gives them strength and resolve to stand their ground. See colors
Yarrow (red) Helps to break old condition tapes formed while a child; creating healthy relationship toward family members.
Yarrow (white) Helps to break up the old pattern of not being able to say "no"; creates strong, healthy boundaries. For victim's mentality.
Yarrow (yellow) Helps to break childhood conditioning pattern where person was taught to give, but not take. For co-dependent patterns.