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Spiritual Movie Night

Each First Saturday 7 to 10 PM.

Cost is $5.00 and bring your own refreshments!

If, like Gail and I, you love movies, but you find it harder and harder to go to theaters because of the violence, emptiness and overall lack of quality and imagination that most of the current crop represents, we are showing movies from "The CIRCLE" where wonderful movies of the high quality like WHALERIDER.

There are many films as beautiful as WHALERIDER made every year, but almost nobody gets to see them. Remember how you felt when you saw FIELD OF DREAMS, GHOST or TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY? We want you to see the hidden treasures, the films that are just as moving as those classics of spiritual cinema.

As a result we joined THE CIRCLE, so we can see and show these wonderful movies that are made every year that hardly anybody else gets to enjoy because they don't make it to the MAIN STREAM THEATERS.

Some of the best movies made every year go virtually unseen. The major distributors won't touch the most heartful, soul-satisfying movies, because they don't think there's enough money in it for them, and even the independent distributors often overlook quality films.

Remember, the mainstream movie business literally runs as much on popcorn-sales as ticket-sales. Big, violent action movies bring in audiences that eat those huge $7 boxes of popcorn and those 32-ounce $4 cups of soft drinks. That's why theater-owners want them, and that's why Hollywood makes them.

The movies we will show are made with love and passion. They're not made just to sell popcorn, as you will bring your own!