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Reiki Shares 6 PM to 8 PM.

2nd Saturdays

*** November 14th

Our REIKI shares group (cost $12.00) on every 2nd Saturday to practice and experience what we learned.(starts at 6 PM). FEEL the difference as several REIKI Practitioners combine their focus of REIKI ENERGY to allow balance to infuse your energy system!

******* REIKI Stuffed Animals request *********

At our last Reiki Share session Naomi Sampson had a wonderful suggestion. We are asking everyone to bring stuffed animals that will be infused with Reiki Energy. Please bring new or gently used stuffed animals of any size or shape. After these Reiki Animals are charged up we will deliver them to children and senior citizens that can use this powerful healing tool in their life.

We have one girl in our group that teaches 4 year old children in Fort Worth. She has 22 children. I would like to report that each child has one of these Reiki Animals, as well as three other classes. Others will be taken to Fireside Lodge. This nursing home takes people that are on Medicaid and treat them with much kindness. I do not know anyone at this nursing home now, but have in the past. If you know of any place that you feel could benefit from receiving these Reiki Animals, please let us know.

Lets send Mother Earth a GIFT in the form of directed REIKI ENERGY!

The word Reiki translated means "UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY" Reiki is a laying on of hands and touch healing system utilizing the energy all around us. Reiki can have a profound effect on health and well-being, starting with YOU, your friends, pets and plants. This continues to areas of natural disaster and more. All matter can be assisted towards balance through Reiki!