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Ryan Place neighborhood Mardi Gras Parade

Februrary, 2009

The Inaugural Fort Worth Ryan Place Home Owners Association - Mardi Gras Parade and After Parade Party.

The neighborhood where Owl's Clover is located has really great 4th of July Parades. Christmas time lots of people from all over come to see the homes decorated and enjoy a Hanson cab ride through the streets. Many of the homes were build back in the late teen's and early '20's.

Well, the Ryan Place neighborhood has decided to have their first inaugural Mardi Gras Parade this year. The parade was on Saturday February 21, 2009 and started around 12 noon.

If you have every wanted to be a part of a Mystic Krewe this is your opportunity. We have formed the Mystic Krewe of Athena's Owls. This will continue until we no longer have parades.

Owl's Clover will sponsor a vehicle and one "float". Actually the float is a carefully disguised and fabulously decorated trailer. We did lots of painting and thinking about the decorations as these pictures show, mostly out in the back of Owl's Clover. More decorating and final touches were worked on the two Thursday and Friday work days. We had several great hands put on their paint clothes and came over to give the "float" some wonderful and creative inspirationsóWe had lots of fun!! Several came to dress up and throw beads!!

We dressed up as our favorite Goddess, God or what ever pleased our notions. The Bar-B-Q grill fired up with chicken, fresh vegetables and portabella mushrooms and turkey sausage. We had plenty of potatoes and grilled vegetables. After Party began at 4:00 PM and lasted until 8:30 PM.

What a great time we all had, both working together, and celebrating together. Next year we will have new ideas spurned from this years efforts. Have fun viewing the pictures.

Mardi Gras Parade and After Parade Party pictures.

Trailer modification and construction
Krewe work decorations
Getting under way
End and after parties