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Gail Carswell brotherhood of light Michael Foltz

Gail and Michael with the
Fort Worth Church of Light

In 1998 Michael and I started thinking and talking about community and what community meant to us. Our world was changing and some of the changes we were enjoying but some of what was happening caused us some concern.

Part of what brought our conversation about was Uranus going into the sign of Aquarius. This only happens every 87 years. This time Uranus brought the world a great gift called home computers and communities on the Internet. We were really enjoying these new communities of people from all over the world. This was great. Then we started realizing that for many people these "virtual" communities were taking more and more of the time that they once enjoyed in physical form. In some cases these new "communities" were actually taking the place of the physical ones.

Since I am an Aquarius I was enjoying the Internet but I felt very strongly that I still wanted to have a physical community to share time together. Michael had worked with computers and bulletin boards and equally felt the danger of everyone becoming connected only through our computer monitors.

We decided to open a metaphysical shop that would also be a community center. We received our corporate papers from the state of Texas in January 1999.

This same year Roger Baldwin offered to come over from Dallas to assist us in starting a study group for The Church of Light.

We completed the 21 courses and received our Hermetician certification over the next several years. During this time we applied for teachers certificates for the Church of Light courses, and received those.

Gail and Michael each have prepared and made presentations for the last three Church of Light conferences held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Michael and I both applied and were accepted as ministers for The Church of Light. We have now received the first designation as a Branch Church for many years. It feels even more special to receive this designation at this time because this is the 75th year Diamond Jubilee for The Church of Light.

For 75 years many people have donated money and time to keep The Church of Light strong and alive. We look forward to serving the local community here in Fort Worth. We ask you to please donate to assist us. Your donations are tax deductible.

Church of Light Fort Worth Sunday Services

The Church of Light Fort Worth will have SERVICES starting Sunday December 16, 2007 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and will be scheduled each 3rd Sunday of each Month thereafter.

Please come join us for a Natural Setting for the Religion of the STARS worship service!

Below is The Church of Light Mantra. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The Church of Light Mantra

1. My Soul is One with the Universe, and my Spirit is an emanation from Deity.

2. I am commissioned by the Infinite One to assist in the scheme of All Creation.

3. I am assisting in the progressive evolution of creation, and in so doing my soul and its infinite possibilities are progressing in proportion to my desire to use all my powers and possibilities in Spirit and in Truth.

4. My physical organism is my natural universe, over which I alone will rule. It is my material cloak, or garment, through which I will manifest the powers of my Divine Nature.

5. I am progressing rapidly toward the subjugation of matter and the complete supremacy over all sub-mundane atoms of life, which exist only by my permission, as peaceful and obedient servants within the lower animal realms of my dominion.

6. They exist by virtue of their functions in the work of creation, which I am now assisting; but they are, and ever must be, subservient to the higher realms of Spirit to which I by right belong.

7. I am eternal Spirit. My Soul is Immortal. No power in this infinite universe can alter my immortal nature, nor control my Soul's glorious destiny of eternal progression; because

My Soul is One with the universe and My Spirit is an emanation from Deity.

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