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Predictions for 2006

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Predictions For 2006
by Gail Carswell & Michael Foltz

Gails Predictions at SATORI on Janurary 6th, 2006

January 6th, 2006- Notes from Lecture given at The Satori meeting in Fort Worth, Texas by Gail Carswell

Mundane Astrology is different than Natal Astrology. Most of my astrological study, knowledge and talent has been focused on assisting myself and others with understanding our inner workings and what current transits are asking of each of us to grow using our birth chart or road map we chose for this time around on Mother Earth. I started my quest in this field with my 7th grade Science Fair project at Castleberry here in Fort Worth. The year was 1965.

  • December 21 2005 Winter Solstice predictions for the winter and 2006

    In Mundane astrology, there are several techniques to predict events for the coming year. One technique says that if the Winter Solstice chart has a fixed sign on the ascendant then this chart will be in effect for the total of the coming year. We will look at this chart for the winter and please keep in mind that this year we do have a fixed sign (Taurus) on the ascendant. This chart and the aspects will likely have a bearing on the whole of 2006.

    This chart has the element of Earth predominant. Things are likely going to be slow moving and all of us would be advised to check our plans and carefully place one foot in front of the other and not get in a hurry and miss steps that are essential to the best outcome.

    The mode of the chart is predominantly fixed. This can give great ability to stay the course in the face of any odds we are facing. This same energy can bring stubbornness.

    Before we go further I want to bring our attention to a couple of aspects. The first one is the Moon trine Jupiter. This is called a guardian angel aspect. There is another planetary configuration that is called a mystic rectangle. Here we have two sets of planetary energies that are in opposition but brought together by sextiles and trines. This configuration can be used to find solutions to concerns that occur during this time period. I have seen many clients with guardian angel aspects who use this aspect wisely. Remember even our guardian angels can get weary if we abuse the gift they bring..

    The Sun in this chart is in the eighth house and conjunct Pluto. The Sun in Mundane astrology can indicate our president. Pluto can indicate assassinations and/ or great catastrophes. The eighth house can indicate death and/ or accidents. There are no other aspects in this chart to the Sun. I have not compared this chart to President G.W. Bush to confirm if there are further indicators of danger..

    The conjunction of the Sun with Pluto could also indicate that President G.W. Bush will continue to feel he is above the law and has total power to make laws and/ or policy with his own mind and desires. There can be an obsession with power. There could even be some thoughts of using nuclear power..

    The eighth house is the natural house of Scorpio and Pluto is the ruling planet. Using the high side of this the president can get others to join in and work for the good of the universe. On the negative side there can be the desire to know what others are doing and "spying" can take over rational thoughts..

    I feel that everything is a mirror of each of us. The weather, our leaders, there are signs about what is going on inside of us all around us. We each would do well to have a look at how we are using our individual power. Are we pushing to have our way and not taking the time to consider how what we do in our lives will effect the universal good of all?.

    This Sun conjunct Pluto can be a concern because the raw power of this combination is frequently used with no thought to what is best for others. However, the President and each of us have the choice to take this planetary energy to a higher level. The best use of this energy is to create committees and join with others to see projects moved forward to assist all others we are sharing our time with here on Mother Earth..

    The Sun and Pluto in the eighth house could be telling us that we will be dealing with a continuation of storms. Some of these storms will come from nature. Flooding, earthquakes, fire storms are all very likely..

    Mercury in this chart is about as far away for the Sun as is possible. The President as well as the rest of us could be making decisions again with only the Sun and Pluto influence and not mentally take the time to think through decisions. Many people could be making decisions based on obsessive behavior. It will be important to consider your decisions and choose the best time to have calm discussions with others..

    Mercury is the focus point of a planetary configuration called a T-square. The other two planets involved are Uranus and the Moon. Here again we are seeing that everyone could be restless, stubborn, impulsive and even fanatic. Slowing down mentally and taking time to feel our way through our decisions while listening to our intuition will serve us best. If we choose to make our decisions based only on our emotional needs of the moment we will likely make some poor decisions..

    Mercury is part of a Grand Trine configuration. This could lead many to again think that they have the right to make decisions and not take the time to feel our way through how these decisions will affect others..

    There could be continuing concerns with our freedoms. Watch and take any action you feel inclined to concerning the Patriot Act. Our reputation as a Nation could be in question, especially how we treat women. There could be more discussion about Roe v Wade. Much of this discussion will likely be behind closed doors..

    Covert listening and monitoring of our correspondence is continuing. This will be on all levels. E-mail, phone, cell phone. The Law and Order of the land is likely being discussed behind closed doors as well. If more catastrophes occur the government is likely making plans to assist but also on taking control of the areas. I personally hope they are making plans now so the decisions can be discussed before hand. Decisions made on the fly are again not going to be the best choice..

    The Moon in this chart is in Virgo. This can indicate all of us wanting what we want and wanting it just the way we want it. This can be a good thing as long as we understand when it is time to compromise. The stock market is likely going to be emotionally driven and experience wide fluctuations during this period..

    Our leadership could feel we do not need or even desire other countries participation in World affairs. Some big social blunders are very likely. This is for our nation as well as for each of us. Venus is un-aspected in this chart so social graces could be lacking. I have not followed the stories for how our leaders ultimately responded to other Nations offers after recent disasters. This has been brought to your consciousness so ask yourself how will you respond to offers of assistance. What shape are our social graces in.

    . Venus turned retrograde on December 24 2005 and will go direct February 3 2006. This will not be in effect for the whole quarter but only for the dates mentioned above. During this time period our personal relationships are likely to go through some trials. There are likely more divorces being filed. Some other possibilities are again our social skills are not at their best. Blurting out something without thinking how our words might affect others. Money is ruled by Venus so many of us are likely to feel "poor" or that there is not enough. I do not mean to make light of the poor. There are many people struggling with finances and this will likely be a more difficult time..

    Use caution on any purchases of art or jewelry, clothing or really anything. There is a good likelihood you will not find them as beautiful or useful as you had thought. The worst-case scenario could be that you have been deceived and the art or jewelry is a fake. If you do buy antiques, art or jewelry get certificates of authenticity and know the reputation of the seller..

    Friends or lovers from your past could contact you. This is a good time to contact others from your past..

    I feel that one of the best uses of this planetary energy is to take a long look at how we feel about ourselves. Do we have our self worth connected in an unhealthy way to the amount of money we earn or have in the bank. We have recently seen how our material possessions can be gone quickly due to flooding, hurricanes and fire storms. The chart for the time period until the Spring Equinox indicates these types of events are likely. Understanding our true value is inside our heart and is the most important lesson. Loving ourselves and showing love to companions and environment is the goal for this time period..

    Our leaders as well as each of us are likely to feel more aggressive and could be discontent. Mars is conjunct the ascendant. This can indicate a sense of superiority and can go as far as aggressive superiority on the negative side and can indicate enormous creative ability on the high side..

    Mars is one of the planets in a configuration called a T-square. Mars is opposite to Jupiter and the focal planet in this configuration is Saturn. Understanding controlled expansion is important. These two planets can be rash and make decisions that are made with passion and not well thought out logic. Self control is not a strong point. Having Saturn as part of this planetary configuration can be seen as a good thing. Saturn will encourage our leaders and each of us to slow down and make appropriate plans before we take action. If we choose to make rash choices Saturn is there to assist us in learning some tough lessons..

    Mars in Taurus can bring some frustration in not getting to move ahead as fast as desired. The opposition to Jupiter will only add to the possibility of frustration. There is a good likelihood of many people making poor decisions and I feel that road rage will continue to be a major concern. Knowing that there will be many people that are not conscious of the planetary energies but are still expressing the energy could assist you in avoiding combative experiences. Use caution on the roads..

    This configuration indicates that there again could be difficulty in many marriages and relationships. People can get into wanting what they want at any and all costs. Greed and jealousy can be concerns and some could let these emotions take over bringing explosive situations..

    There is an indication that we can get some great intuitive insight into the direction of our future goals. Working diligently to not buy into the feelings of frustration and paying attention to not promising more than we can deliver or over committing ourselves is important..

    There are more indicators that the divorce rate will likely be higher than other periods. Again, I want to reiterate that there is a guardian angel aspect that could be helpful to anyone that wants to do the hard work that relationships require..

    There is indication that the leaders will really want to expand some war efforts and deception could be used. This is an important time to join together and visualize and pray for calm decisions and peaceful resolutions to world events..

    The Mystic rectangle is indicating that we do have access to resolutions available to work through the difficulties. Keeping a calm head and slowing down will allow the intuition to kick in and bring ideas forward to assist working through some difficult times..

    There are indications that our national reputation is not seen in a good light..

    As I was looking at this part of the chart I thought about miners and the indications of danger for this occupation. Jupiter in the 7th house (business establishments) square Neptune (Miners) in the 10th house (reputation of our nation) I took a break leaving my computer right after this thought and that evening I turned on CNN to see that there was a mining accident. With this chart I feel that this is a dangerous time period for those in the mining field. Neptune also rules over gas, oil, chemicals, the ocean, war ships, drugs to name a few. All those that are working in any of these fields would be wise to use caution. Use caution when you are filling up your car at the gasoline station and any other circumstance you are using any of these substances..

    After watching some further news on the mining company that are dealing with the workers that are at risk right now, their safety record is poor. The number of violations was increasing over the last two years. Again our reputation as a nation will likely be seen as not caring about our workers in these areas. The governing bodies over these industries would be well advised to step up the on site checks and follow up on violations..

    Watch for local gas drilling and be vigilant on contacting the local officials and ask about the safety timing and let them know you have concerns. I know people that work in this field and there are more risks than most of us would want to imagine..

    There is another T-square configuration that has Jupiter as the focal planet. Saturn and Neptune are opposite and both of these planets are square to Jupiter. This is a building aspect and those of us with charts with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius prominent, will feel this planetary energy the most..

    Watch for any planet moving through the missing fixed sign Taurus for this T-square to become a grand fixed cross. While those of us with our natal chart having more fixed energy are feeling this energy the most, all of us are in the planetary energy mix. This aspect has been building for a while and will continue to build well into 2006..

    Our homes and the authority and control over our homes could feel nebulous and uncertain. I feel that there will be many storms from many different types of weather elements. Rain and flooding, mudslides, Earth quakes and fire storms are all possible. (Check our specific Weather Prediction article for Fort Worth) Again we are being shown that we can get into fear and frustration that our control of our physical possessions is not what we once thought and counted on always being there..

    We are being encouraged to look at our philosophy in life. What has true value and meaning. I feel there will be a good number of examples shown to us of people reacting to the planetary energy poorly and using deception to get what they want..

    Looking at the weather more, there are indicators that we all would be well advised to be prepared for emergencies. Be sensible and have plenty of food, water, medical emergency supplies, solar ovens, hand crank radio etc..

    Our agricultural concerns are likely going to have difficulty. There could be difficulty with government subsidies or other regulations..

    Our nation's goals as well as our private goals are undergoing some adjustments. I feel that more and more people will understand the value of having a good spiritual attitude and daily practice. There are many indications of feeling restrictions in our life and having a good spiritual attitude will help us overcome these feelings..

  • Spring Equinox March 20 2006

    This chart is very different in that there is no planetary energy in the element of Earth. There is more of the element of Fire than Water or Earth. The element of Fire is very enthusiastic and spontaneous. This energy can be used for good or can be used for selfish and overly forceful demands.

    The mode is more mutable and this can be very beneficial in moderating the fiery nature of this chart. Mutable energy is more adaptable and sympathetic. The low side of mutable energy can be used to be deceptive, unpredictable and undependable.

    We will look first at the placement of the Sun and the aspects. The Sun is in the ninth house. The ninth house gives us indication about the judicial system, religion, diplomats, the Supreme Court, our navy, foreign shipping, interstate airplane traffic, progress and development. These areas of life will be very important to our leaders and to each of us. Other areas are publishing and advertising.

    The Wright Amendment will be ruled on. I would think with the trine aspect that this Amendment will be repealed and Love field will become busier. I personally believe there are several smaller air fields that are dangerously located.

    There is an element of deceit with the Sun conjunct the North Node. Will this be the president and our leaders deceiving the public? This could be the president being deceived by others around him. We would be advised to look at where we could be deceiving ourselves.

    If you are advertising during this time period be sure to proof and have someone else check your advertising for errors or omissions. It is important to be very truthful in your wording. There are indicators that there is deception in many areas of life and you will want to pick your wording carefully. Mercury is retrograde and in Pisces. Both of these facts are not the best for clear communication. If you are having a book published, please check the work more than usual and after the printing check for printing errors.

    There will be plenty of hard work during this time period. There are indicators that planetary support will assist us. Like any chart, there are contradictions. There are indicators that many of us will be concerned with health and financial issues. Likely there will be reports of many more people living below the poverty level than had been reported in the past.

    The general health of the nation could be a concern. The general conditions of our nation will be of hard work, restriction and somber feeling. We will be questioning authority and the use and misuse of authority. There are aspects that offer support to work our way through these feelings.

    It will be more important than ever to get out and get physical. There are indicators that we could feel restriction of our physical movement and have the "deer in the headlight" syndrome. One thought is Yoga. This is a wonderful modality to move your body and bring more peace to your mind. Having a friend or a group that you exercise with will bring further meaning to your session.

    The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are in good aspect to one another. This aspect is called a Grand Trine. This will bring some ease to the hard work and somber feelings. This same energy can make us feel that it will all be taken care of by others or the Universe and we can get lazy on making the most of the energy available by taking personal action.

    The emotions of the country are going to be running high and there will be a lot of passion. Our children's health, education and welfare will be the focus of many discussions. The population will be asking our leaders some hard questions about our country's continuing foreign investment and how this is affecting our investment in our own country.

    Motion pictures and theaters will take on a more spiritual and inspirational leaning. We already know that Da Vinci Code and Celestine Prophesy are being made and many more movies will be highlighting spiritual and metaphysical subjects.

    The stock market will again be running on emotions with very wide swings. There are indicators that more high profile companies questionable accounting practices will be revealed. Pension funds look like they will continue to be a concern. Many people could find that they have worked for most of their life believing that they would be entitled to a guaranteed pension check of a certain amount of money and find that the amount will be much less or that the pension fund is non-existent. What we once thought was our foundation in life will have to be reevaluated. Our enthusiasm, exuberance and joviality are likely subdued. This is a time again to find our own internal balance and not look to the outside world to understand our true value.

    There are concerns about our thoughts not being clear and we could question our beliefs. There is the possibility for more leaks and scandal surrounding the White House and other political figures.

    We have talked about Uranus in the Sign of Pisces here at Satori and at Owl's Clover. You can read this information on our web site. A short note here is that more and more people will be experiencing "knowing" or "seeing" through the veil and having spiritual awakenings.

    Looking at this chart for March 20th through June 21st, pay close attention to your intuition. Plan more time for meditation to allow messages, visions and deeper spiritual understanding to come to you.

    The beliefs of the whole country can be shifting. It seems that tough times are the normal way of getting us humans to make shifts. This chart shows the possibility of more concerns with water--flooding, high tides, mud slides, earthquakes, storms of many different types. There will be a further Weather Forecast available on our web site for the Fort Worth area. Besides the weather there will likely be more deaths from accidents, suicides and there is a good possibility of some type of epidemic. Emphysema could be dramatically on the increase.

    There could be a breakthrough in the area of understanding electromagnetism and the use of magnets. Uses of nitrogen can make advancements. Science in general can make some great strides forward. Some old beliefs in the scientific field can be shattered.

    There are indicators that our international affairs could be confusing and again deceit could be occurring. There are signs of great risk at misunderstandings. If we can use the energy available on the highest level we can bring a spiritual aspect into all of our partnerships.

    More money will be spent on the war effort. It could be very difficult to track how and where the money is being spent.

    Spiritual tours and vacations could do well. Healing on a deep level from these experiences is possible.

    Anyone offering professional services and bringing their spiritual enlightenment as part of their service, will be on the leading edge.

    We will all feel we want to move forward with our goals. It will be important to get out of the talking stage and getting the plan written down on paper so we do not miss steps in the planning and organizing of these goals. Attaining our goals could cost more than we had thought and could require more of our time away from home life. Additional time will also be needed for any goals.

    It is very important that you exercise self control. The aspects here are going to have most all of us wanting to break free and move forward without hesitation. This could be a costly choice.

    I believe that the latest mining tragedy could bring many mine closings due to safety. The housing market will likely be softer than the recent past.

    There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 14th of March at 24 degrees Virgo 15 minutes and a Solar Eclipse on the 29th at 8 degrees of Aries 35 minutes. We will offer a class at Owl's Clover to assist understanding these eclipse energies for the world, our country and you individually.

  • Summer Solstice June 21 2006

    The chart for this period is again mostly Fire. Rash, quick decisions are likely. There is a great opportunity for all of us to give very little thought to our actions and the motto, "just do anything even if it is wrong" could rule. We will have to be very conscious to bring logic, objectivity and be unprejudiced in our life. The abundance of the element of Fire can have us being overly forceful and bossy.

    The mode in this chart is fixed energy. Fixed energy is determined, stable, good ability to focus and concentrate. The negative side of this fixed energy is stubbornness and egotistical.

    The Sun is in the 11th house. This house in a mundane chart tells us about the nation's income, national treasury, future plans, international friends and countries. This house also can tell us information about Congress, the House of Representatives and the will of the people. The only aspect to the sun is an opposition. This aspect brings an awareness and can be a tension of opposites. The key is to find a compromise between the two energies. Be gentle in all of your social dealings.

    This can be a strike first and make sure you win. This is another indication that all of us must use logic and compassion in our lives. Pluto is not exactly known for compassion or anything low key. Pluto is more about destruction and then rebuilding, making it better.

    There will likely be attempts to further restrict abortion rights. There will likely be more revelations about members of Congress and the House of Representatives taking illegal money and gifts. Money that is owed to the USA by foreign countries could be defaulted on or we will have to renegotiate the repayment.

    The communal harmony could be a concern. Perhaps this is about continued discussion on getting the different states reimbursed for the expenses due to the evacuees from Katrina.

    There could be a real concern about the debt that is on credit cards and the announcement that the government is mandating that the minimum payment be raised. There could be many people that just will not be able to meet this new amount due monthly.

    This time period could see air disasters and concerns with transportation. There could be an air disaster with the plane going down over water. The aspects could also be showing something about air travel and water in general. This same planetary energy could play out in concerns with computers. Perhaps a virus or worm that could take out large numbers of computers.

    The president and many in the country could be feeling at a loss in their emotions. There could be a feeling that there is a lack of emotional support. The president's popularity rating continues to be on the low side and he could feel many of his friends have deserted him.

    Many of us could have similar feelings. Solitude and perhaps meditation, journaling and talking to a trusted friend could help. There will likely be a record number of people seeking help for depression and antidepressant drugs could be the short term answer. Homeopathy can offer a gentler option. Please have an astrological consultation and see how these aspects are contacting your chart.

    Finding ways to communicate with our closest friends and family will assist in better emotional stability in this quarter of the year. Looking at this chart, this could be the last thing we will want to do.

    President George W. Bush could have concerns with accidents or there is the possibility of violence. We would have to do a chart comparison to see how these planetary energies are contacting his birth chart. He and many of us will be feeling like we are driving with the brakes on.

    The position of Mars in the first house and in the sign of Leo is very good but there are many aspects that can indicate frustration, violent feelings and that others are keeping us from moving forward. Sudden unexpected events can make a change of direction necessary.

    The country could be faced with mines being closed and some type of limitation in our natural resources. Farms are facing some difficulty. Our freedoms are likely being challenged and communal harmony is being tested. We could see some educational institutions close. Housing is feeling sluggish and the evacuees from New Orleans and other disasters could be doing well if they even have a tent.

    The fourth house can indicate natural calamities. Jupiter is retrograde and with the aspects to this planet I feel that there is a good likelihood of more natural calamities from June 21 through Sept 23 2006. There will be a separate article dealing with the weather for the Fort Worth area on our web site.

    This house can also give us indicators of the political and general stability of the nation. There will continue to be turmoil and hard work for most every one and especially for the Democratic Party.

    This chart has 80% more squares than typical. Squares can be stumbling blocks and we can choose to feel like we are boxed in. We can equally choose to use this energy as building blocks. As with any building this will take our intention of staing optimistic and lots of hard work.

    Using Astrodynes, Saturn had the most Power and the most Discord in this chart. Saturn planetary energy demands we have a plan, follow the rules and do the hard work. Rewards from Saturn will always come but they are slow in coming and are in direct relation to the amount of work we do. Venus has the most Harmony, but there is very little harmony in this chart. Venus is about your social life. Be sure that your plans have some social time included.

    The first house has the most Power. We are advised to take personal responsibility and develop our own plans. Making our health régime a priority is a must. Health is on many levels, be sure to include all of them. The most Discord is also the first house so we can be our own worst enemies. The 11th house has the most Harmony. Our long term goals are important to understand. Spending time socially with friends that truly support us is one way to bring more harmony into our life.

    The sign Leo has the most Power and the most Discord. Find ways to be creative, have fun, and watch out for needing to be "center stage". This is the balance we are working toward. Pisces is the sign with the most Harmony. Our spiritual life and assisting others in the world will help bring more harmony into our own life.

    I love working with Medical/Health astrology, looking to see what vitamins, supplements we might require and how we tend to deal with our emotions. Career/Vocational astrology and Locational What we experience in different locations. Prenatal Eclipse What we come to teach and what we come to learn, and there are several other areas, even Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars and let's don't forget Asteroids.

    Now I have shared with you some of the ways Astrology can be consulted to help us have a better understanding in many different areas of our lifeLet's get on with Mundane Astrology. This branch of Astrology looks at world events. Mundane come from the Latin word mundus, which translates, to world. Just like personal astrology there are many areas to consider. In Mundane Astrology we could look at Financial, Business, HealthPlagues, bio-terrorism, WeatherEarthquakes, floods, Agriculture, Political and what the group thinking will be focused on.

    Two of the oldest methods used when looking at Mundane Astrology are the Cardinal Ingress Charts and Eclipse Charts. The Cardinal Ingress Charts are when the Sun enters the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

    • December 21 2002 Winter Solstice/ Capricorn Ingress chart

      We will look at the Capricorn Ingress chart first. This chart is for December 21 2002 and will be in effect until the spring equinox, March 20th 2003.

      Some Astrologers look at the rising sign and with it being Fixed this chart is in effect for the whole year. Most of the planetary energy is of a Fixed nature. The mass consciousness is not in a free flowing frame of mind. It could be difficult to think out side the box.

      We have Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter energy brings us optimism, with the apparent backward movement this energy feeling backwards we aren't feeling very optimistic. This is the general outlook of the people of our country as well as the whole world. Jupiter in aspect with Mercury, we are seeing and feeling communications full of stress. Labor strikes, health concerns and our nations security just feels shaky and will continue with this feeling.

      Saturn the planet that helps us with feelings of structure but also feelings of restriction is also retrograde. We feel that our income and future plans are not going in a forward motion. Saturn is in hard aspect to the Sun. This will continue to bring the Stock Market and other speculative ventures feeling a lock step movement at best.

      Uranus is the planet of the sudden insight and sometimes pulls the rug out from under our feet in the house of War and Open Enemies. There will be continued sudden and unexpected events in our foreign affairs.

    • January 3rd Mercury goes retrograde at 28 Capricorn (direct on January 23rd).

      There could be misunderstandings and miscommunications particularly at the work place. Any mechanical equipment could cause concern. Governments and employers will be going back over old ground looking at how to cut cost and be more effective. Use caution when signing contracts especially any concerning land or real estate. This is a good time to re-organize. Orderliness in your life will be a focus. Skin, teeth, or bone health issues may come up. If depression is a concern this is a good time to consider alternative options to assist with this. Your natal astrology chart will show if this is a life long concern and when the transiting planetary energy will bring up concerns. There will likely be more talk about polio.

    • February 22nd Saturn goes direct at 22 Gemini.

      Promotions that have been delayed will come through now. If you have felt thwarted on any forward movement this will ease. Gemini's, Capricorns and Aquarius will especially be feeling this. Watch for erratic drivers that have felt like their personal lives had the breaks on and now want to experience forward movement behind the wheel.

    • March 10th Uranus goes into Pisces. This will be a major shift for all of humanity. The keyword for Uranus in Pisces is visionary.

      Uranus was discovered in 1781 during the period of the French and American Revolution. This was also the time of the Industrial Revolution. This would indicate that Uranus is connected with modern technology as well as political unrest. Our group consciousness will be shifting. This will not happen all at once. Uranus has been in Aquarius since 1995. The Internet really took off during this time period. This was the Information Age. Uranus was last in Pisces from 1919 to 1928. Looking at the events during this time period will give us ideas about this coming time period, 2003-2011.

      Uranus will go into Pisces on March 10th and only go to 2 degrees of Pisces and the planet goes retrograde on June 7th the retrograde motion will take the planet back to the sign of Aquarius until December the 31st. Uranus will be in late degrees of Aquarius or early degrees of Pisces until the Spring of 2004. Where Aquarius has objectivity, Pisces will have our feelings running strong. The victim/victimizer theme will come into play. Utopian hopes that are founded on illusory ideals will prevail.

      Some events from the previous Uranus in Pisces are:

      The 18th Amendment banning alcohol in the United States was passed. The effect of this was the "Mob" and gangsters that "took over" and the formation of the "Untouchables".

      The American Communist Part was formed in 1919. This went on to see this country running on it's feeling of the fear of the "Red Menace". Thousands of people were arrested without any real cause.

      In 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed giving women the right to vote.

      There was a prevalence of fear of "something out there".

      These themes will likely play out in new ways. We will see large numbers of people arrested for questioning about terrorism.

      I feel that more people will become more psychically and intuitively aware. The intuitive intellect will awaken. People will be consulting psychics more. Intuition will be honored more. People can become aware of past lives. People that do not have a community that supports these new "flashes of insight" will likely be the ones most fearful. Neptune in Aquarius, 1999 through 2012 will accent this. More women will be in Power. This could be in politics as well as all other areas. There will be more and bigger Earthquakes. Designer drugs will increase as well as discoveries of new drug therapy for diseases. Many people will search for escapes through drugs, alcohol while many others will take a higher spiritual route. Water uses and abuses will become an even bigger issue. New species will be discovered in our bodies of water. Our shipping harbors will need better security.

    • March 20th Spring Equinox/ Aries Ingress chart.

      Our thinking will be shifting and we will want to get on with things. Our nations emotions will be more accessible and healing our collective wounds will be a big focus. More insider trading will be brought to light. The stock market will be very volatile. There will be more concerns around insurance. Our courts and government will need to address the problems concerning insurance of all types. Churches will be facing a restructuring and feel their attendance smaller while people look for their true spiritual path. Intuition will soar and will likely scare some that are programmed that this is unnatural. Those working in the psych field will be busy. The emotional stability of the US is a concern. Some will turn to Medical doctor for drugs others will go to street drugs. Watch for new designer drugs to surface. The veils will be thinner and past life memories will come for many. Focus on your Spiritual path.

    • March 23rd Pluto goes retrograde at 19 Sagittarius. (Direct on August 28th)

      Pluto is relentless and often ruthless. Pluto's only aim is to transform that which needs to be transformed. We have watched Pluto go through and show up some areas that our government needs to transform and also the organized religions as two examples. This retrograde period will continue with these themes. In our personal lives we will want to look at the house that Pluto is transiting and the aspects it is making for insight on what the transiting planetary energy is assisting us in transforming. The TRUTH is out there and Pluto in Sagittarius will help get the Truth known.

    • April 4th Jupiter goes direct at 8 Leo.

      Jupiter went retrograde on December 4th. This in combination with other things produced a slow retail holiday season and fewer holiday parties. Jupiter is the most benefic of all the planets. This is our guardian angel. With Jupiter going direct along with other aspects we will see the beginning of an attitude shift in our feelings about our financial situation. The Stock Market could have an up swing, however it will be short lived.

    • April 26th Mercury goes retrograde at 19 Taurus (direct on May 20th)

      This Mercury retrograde could find snafus with ATM machines or other banking. Check all financial statements carefully for errors. Use caution buying artwork, carpet, and coins. If you are expecting a raise it will not likely happen during this time. Loan applications will likely be lost or rejected. Do your background work and send in applications after the 20th. Throat ailment, thyroid concerns, eustachian tubes, or esophagus could be an area of concern.

    • May 15th Neptune goes retrograde in Aquarius (direct on October 22nd)

      Neptune rules over oil as well as many other things. This time period could see more concerns about oil. Watch out for lies, deceit and fraud. We could put on "rose colored glasses" and find ourselves swindled. This is a good time to schedule some time to watch your favorite old movie or read your favorite old book. Plan time to finish up creative projects. Spend some time in introspection and if there are any psychological beliefs that you want to get rid of this is a great time to identify them.

    • May 15th Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Scorpio ***Please see separate Eclipse article coming later.

    • May 20th Mercury goes direct at 11 Taurus.

      Things will move forward.

    • May 31st Solar Eclipse at 9 Gemini ***Please see separate Eclipse article coming later.

    • June 4th Saturn goes into the sign of Cancer.

      Saturn will be in Cancer until July 17th 2005. This will be a heavy time for President Bush. He will be forced to answers some questions about his actions over the last 7 years. Saturn is the taskmaster. President Bush will be reaping what he has sown. The rest of us will be looking at our homes and our own inner workings more seriously. Watch for feelings of isolation or seeing obstacles as permanent. Learn how to face any painful emotions. All of us will feel the need for support, but it could be hard to come. Now that you are aware of the coldness that this planetary energy could bring you can find ways to antidote the coldness. The emotional reserve will be useful to handle difficulties with fewer emotions.

    • June 7th Uranus goes retrograde at 2 Pisces (direct on November 8th)

      This is what we talked about March 10. This shift will take some years but there is a BIG shift in the making.

    • June 21 Summer Solstice/ Cancer Ingress chart

      There will be concerns over grounding. A daily meditation on grounding would serve us well. This will be a very serious time period. We have the Sun conjunct Saturn with a hard aspect to the Moon. Health will be a major concern many could be struggling with depression. There could be many sudden and unexpected acts of aggression. Children could be a target. Communal harmony will require work. Riots and concerns around labor relations are two examples of possibilities. This chart shows water as an area that should be watched carefully. This could be floods or other natural calamities. The water concerns in California, Nevada, and Colorado over water usage will likely be to a breaking point. The government will struggle with communicating with the public.

    • July 29th Mars goes retrograde at 10 Pisces (direct on September 27th)

      Mars goes retrograde approximately every two years for 80 days. Watch out for accidents, breaking things, feeling restless, fatigue, concerns with inflammations, burns, and cuts among other manifestations. Our energy level could be low. Look at how you are using your Mars (aggressive-assertive energy) and find a healthy balance. Our government could use this time period to step up covert activity. Do not have elective surgery during this time period. Mars rules surgery and surgeons.

      During this time period Saturn will be closest to the Earth in many years. Last time this occurred was 1974. We were dealing with Watergate and Nixon resigning. Before that was in 1944. We were in World War 2 and within 8 months President Franklen D Roosevelt died.

      Mars will also be closer to the Earth and some could mistake it for a UFO.

    • August 28th Pluto goes direct at 17 Sagittarius.

      Pluto the great transformer will bring more truths out of the closet for us to deal with in our personal lives and watch for more news stories about our "leaders" concerning their morals and integrity.

    • August 28th Mercury goes retrograde at 26 Virgo (direct September 20th)

      This will be a time of miscommunication and lost medical tests. This time period would be best used to look at our diet and life style to promote and protect our health. Watch for food poisoning. Our daily routine will likely not go smooth. Relax and allow time for delays. Military communications will be spotlighted and any flaws will be shown. Clothing bought during this time will not serve you well. Check any prescriptions for errors. Concerns about the nations health will be in the news even more than we are seeing now.

    • September 20th Mercury goes direct at 12 Virgo.

      Keep up the focus on a healthy lifestyle.

    • September 23rd. Fall Equinox/ Libra Ingress Chart

      Uranus and Mars are still traveling together and this could continue with sudden aggressive events during the next three-month period. This could also indicate more intuitive flashes. Police will have a busy time period. Anyone working in law enforcement fields should use extra caution. Many will feel a great amount of courage and will possibly do some foolish things. Falling passionately in love or expressing your love in a passionate way could be a good use of this energy. Our daily routines will not go as usual. Have all files on your computer backed up. There could be disruptions in our transportation and with communications.

    • September 27 Mars goes direct at 0 Pisces.

      Military action will likely move forward and increase. The public will likely be kept uninformed. The Navy will be particularly active. People will pull together for their spiritual searching.

    • October 22nd Neptune goes direct at 10 Aquarius.

    • October 26th Saturn goes retrograde at 13 Cancer (for remainder of 2003)

      This will have a close contact with President Bushes natal chart and with the chart of the country. We could feel locked down in many ways with not many choices.

    • November 8th Lunar Eclipse at 16 degree Taurus. ***Please see separate Eclipse article coming later.

    • November 23rd Solar Eclipse at 1 degree Sagittarius. ***Please see separate Eclipse article coming later.

    • December 18th Mercury retrograde at 12 Capricorn (goes direct Jan 4 2004).

      There could be misunderstandings and miscommunications particularly at the work place. Any mechanical equipment could cause concern. Governments, employers will be going back over old ground. Use caution when signing contracts especially any concerning land or real estate. This is a good time to re-organize. Orderliness in your life will be a focus. Skin, teeth, or bone heath issues may come up. If depression is a concern this is a good time to consider healthy options to assist. Your natal astrology chart will show if this is a life long concern and when the planetary energy will bring up concerns. There will likely be more talk about polio. This will be THE Christmas of returned merchandise.

    • December 30th Uranus enters Pisces. See comments under March 10th.

      Michael Predictions Notes at SATORI on Janurary 3rd 2003 using Astro Carto Graphy

      1. Solar Eclipse 12 - 4 - 2002

        World: India Sun IC Pluto IC HOME issues / money issues, property, family traditions in constant upheaval.

        Washington DC:Mars Venus AS - Look best for the world, be wary of misplaced aggression or anger.

        Fort Worth: Saturn MC - Manner is more outward and direct to impress by focusing on ambitions.

      2. Winter Solstice 12 - 21 - 2002 CAPRICORN

        • India Bagdad Pluto AS - Transformational energy felt internally by the masses.
        • Australia east coast Pluto MC - Power in the wrong hands can backfire, go carefully.
        • Egypt Jupiter AS - can be quite fortunate and helps project your very best to the world.

        • Mars and Venus IC - Demanding need for security will cause major aggressions, focus on home and private life.
        • Jupiter DS - Opportunity for public recognition and financial gain.
        • Uranus AS - Tremendous changes possibly INTERNALLY.
        • Mars in 3rd - much communication of aggression.
        • Venus 4th - much attention to home matters.
        • Uranus 7th - Partnerships throughout the world are tested - possibly breakup.


      3. Spring Equinox 03 - 20 2003 ARIES


        • Uranus AS - Bagdad- Tremendous changes possibly INTERNALLY.
        • Venus AS - Bagdad - much concentration on appearance as a nation to look best to the world.
        • Pluto MC - India / Bagdad - Power can backfire , so be careful how it is used.
        • Mars MC - East India - Much hard work is required to keep control.
        • Mars AS, Chrion AS, Moon MC - Athens and Tehran - Overabundance of energy may cause reckless aggression and anger. A great oppertunity to be alert to how others FEEL and React.


        • Jupiter MC Moon DS - Sensitivity is heightened to others feelings, Best time to act in a forward manner.
        • Moon in 1st - Much personal emotion actuanited.
        • Pluto in 2nd - Money matters and the Nations Value system will go through a transformation.
        • Sun in 6th - Service will be the prime energy driver.
        • Mars and Kryon in 3rd - Communication anger with a lesson to be learned from the past.


      4. Lunar Eclipse 05 - 15 - 2003


        • Uranus MC - Bagdad - Change is the bottom line, not just for the nation, but the world.
        • Pluto DS - Bagdad - Leaders will draw on intense energies to stimulate others.
        • Saturn AS - Bagdad - Older leaders are given the center stage.
        • Sun AS - Egypt - Strong impressions are noticed favorably by others now.
        • Jupiter IC - Egypt - Home life is accented now and desired.
        • Neptune MC - Egypt - The deeper humanitarian urges is to the forefront now.
        • Mars MC - Egypt - Much hard work is required to earn your desires.
        • Moon MC - Venezuela - Much about how others feel will be learned now.
        • Neptune DS - Venezuela, China, West coast of Australia - Partnerships and relationships will experience deception and gullibility.
        • Mars DS - Venezuela, China, West coast of Australia - Violence and hostility is brought to the surface.
        • Jupiter AS - Venezuela, China, West coast of Australia - This helps show your best to the world.
        • Venus MC - China - Popularity and peace between the opposite views are improved.


        • Venus IC - US east coast - The focus is on home and private life.


      5. Solar Eclipse 05 - 30 - 2003


        • Sun MC - Pakestain - High energy to attain most independence and highest positions of authority to control your destiny.
        • Moon MC - Pakestain - Here you can preceive haow other peoples feel and react.
        • Pluto IC - India - HOME issues / money issues, property, family traditions in constant upheaval.
        • Mars DS - Beruite and Saudia Arabia - Violence and hostility is brought to the surface.
        • Uranus DS - Moscow - Wishwashy dance will color relationships with other nations.


        • Kryon MC - US - Past issues will allow us to grow - Old wounds reopened.
        • Pluto MC - central US (breadbasket) - Much power, careful can backfire.


      6. Summer Solstice 06 - 21 - 2003 CANCER


        • Pluto MC - Tehran, Bagdad - backfire on power position.
        • Mars AS - Tehran, Bagdad - misplaced and reckless anger or aggression can be a problem (TRIGGER)
        • Uranus AS - Tehran, Bagdad - Tremendous changes internally.


        • Jupiter MC - Best places for growth (position wise political and world.)
        • Neptune IC - A more idealistic view of home and family.
        • Sun MC - Attain most independence and highest positions of authority.
        • Moon DS - Understanding of the human psyche and problems that may arise will assist you in planned outcomes.


      7. Fall Equinox 09 - 23 - 2003 LIBRA


        • Saturn DS - Bagdad - Restrictions and limitations are imposed.

        • Sun AS - Confidence to bring about your ends with results will impress others.
        • Saturn MC - You will be focused on achieving your ambitions and will impress those watching, allowing you to be more outward and direct.
        • Venus AS - Your personal appearance will be utmost on your manner of DOING things.


      8. Lunar Eclipse 11 - 8 - 2003


        • West Africa - much turmoil - but this will energize the area for new potential.

          DC: eclipse in 5 / 11 house

          FW: eclipse in 6 / 12 house.

      9. Solar Eclipse 11 - 23 - 2003


        • Sun IC Moon IC - Bagdad/ Tehran - HOME matters of great concern.
        • Pluto MC Jupiter AS mars AS - Mexico city - balance is hard to achieve as the energy is running high and can be ore amped for the circuits it is running on.
        • Sun DS, Uranus IC East and south Australia - One to one relationships (world countries) with a concept of freedom and independence will surface in international dealings.


        • Saturn IC - Reality settles in - harsh restrictions from others makes it us against the world feelings.


      10. Winter Solstice 12 - 22 - 2003

        World:Calm sets in.



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