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ASTROLOGICAL Outlook for 2005

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Astrology Outlook for 2005
by Gail Carswell & Michael Foltz

Gails Predictions at SATORI on Janurary 7th 2005

January 7th 2005- Notes from Lecture given at The Satori meeting in Fort Worth, Texas by Gail Carswell and Michael Foltz

Mundane Astrology is different than Natal Astrology. Most of my astrological study, knowledge and talent has been focused on assisting myself and others with understanding our inner workings and what current transits are asking of each of us to grow using our birth chart or road map we chose for this time around on Mother Earth. I started my quest in this field with my 7th grade Science Fair project at Castleberry here in Fort Worth. The year was 1965.

I love working with Medical/Health astrology, looking to see what vitamins, supplements we might require and how we tend to deal with our emotions. Career/Vocational astrology and Locational What we experience in different locations. Prenatal Eclipse What we come to teach and what we come to learn, and there are several other areas, even Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars and let's don't forget Asteroids.

Now I have shared with you some of the ways Astrology can be consulted to help us have a better understanding in many different areas of our lifeLet's get on with Mundane Astrology. This branch of Astrology looks at world events. Mundane come from the Latin word mundus, which translates, to world. Just like personal astrology there are many areas to consider. In Mundane Astrology we could look at Financial, Business, HealthPlagues, bio-terrorism, WeatherEarthquakes, floods, Agriculture, Political and what the group thinking will be focused on.

Two of the oldest methods used when looking at Mundane Astrology are the Cardinal Ingress Charts and Eclipse Charts. The Cardinal Ingress Charts are when the Sun enters the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

  • Astrological outlook for the first quarter 2005 using Capricorn ingress chart December 21 2005

    The Capricorn Ingress shows the planetary energy we are working on starts December 21, 2004. This planetary energy influence will be with us until the Aries Ingress on March 20th, 2005.

    All of these charts are set for our capital, Washington, DC.

    The energy for this time period is Cardinal in nature. Yes, this is Cardinal Ingress but the balance of the energy is also more in cardinal than the other modes.

    There is the desire and initiative to get things started for all of us. The element of Earth in this chart is the strongest. This is a time to be practical and take the initiative, but projects should be started slowly and with good sense.

    The most powerful planet in this chart for the first quarter of this year is the Moon. Our country as well as each of us is being asked to look at ways to be adaptable to the situation at hand. This is fitting in with what we are seeing in the current news. This country's outpouring of emotions and sharing prayers, kindness and material resources to care for others that have lived through one of the most destructive natural disasters in our history is on target.

    Other issues that this could be bringing-- There will likely be concerns surrounding water here in this country. Watch for continuing news about the contested water rights. The rights that Mexico has to some of the water from the Colorado River will come to the front. Our country is going to have more lessons on being friends to all countries and not just when there is a disaster. On a personal level are you sharing your emotions with those close to you? Are you concerned with others emotional state of mind? What kind of a partner are you?

    I have read that we will run out of drinkable water before we run out of oil. Hopefully our government is working on desalination. The need is here and there are planetary energies to support innovative new ways to make this possible.

    There will likely be more rain than is normal in many areas. This chart is showing an indication of abnormalities surrounding and new information concerning water. As I am writing this, the news is on and they have announced there is a health danger in drinking too much water. The level of the ocean will bring concerns during this time period and this concern will continue through 2010.

    We discussed last year at these predictions that with the planet Uranus going into the sign of Pisces,--- that water would be a major focus from December 2003 through May 2010. The planet Uranus is about things that are sudden and unexpected. This is the only planet that spins top to bottom. All the other planets spin from side to side.

    During this time period there will be many unexpected events surrounding the area of water. Healing with water, the Dr. Emoto books with pictures of frozen water, the tsunami are just a few examples. I wonder if we could take blood and use this process and see what our body is having to say?

    There will likely be many NEW discoveries of animals/creatures in deep water or even in our lakes and streams. This is not limited to only animals. We will likely discover many things deep in Mother Ocean.

    The country would be wise to pay close attention to our ports for security purposes.

    Uranus will not allow things to stagnate. Uranus will not disrupt anything that is truly working in the Divine plan. Uranus is not about disruption just for the sake of disruption.

    There will be some major changes in everything that the sign Pisces has ruling over. Besides water another area is our spiritual life. All of us have been feeling the shift in consciousness on the spiritual level and this will continue to shift. Talking to our Creator will be better understood to be available on a personal basis. Having to go through a church or another more elevated human will not be tolerated.

    This is the time of the Apocalypse but not the type of event that some have been wanting to get us to believe. The translation of this word means, "lifting of the veil". Remember when we talked about more and more people would start seeing the other dimensions? Now we have a new television program. The Medium. Have you seen the new computer game "The Journey to Wild Divine"? This is a mind/ body game or exercise using the science of biofeedback for health and healing. You build stairways with your breath, open doors with meditation and juggle balls with laughter. Understanding that healing starts on the spiritual level will become even more mainstream.

    Other Pisces topics are Dreams. New technology to track our dreams could come during this time. Take the time right before you go to bed to set your intention to receive information as well as a good night's restful sleep. Meditation is another area that will be understood to be beneficial by the masses like never before. We are all psychic and the real task is to take the time to exercise these abilities. When you BELIEVE-- you will see, it is not seeing is believing.

    I love the part of the movie "What In The Bleep Do We Know?" where they talk about when Columbus was sailing to South America the native people could not see the ships on the horizon. There was not the ability to see something like this in these peoples' cosmology. The local shaman saw the displacement or the change in the wave patterns and only then could the ship come into acceptable visual image and he showed the others in the community.

    Drugs are ruled by Pisces. We are already seeing major news about the real effects of the pharmaceuticals. I'm feeling there will be major advances in the health care field. Some of the "advancements" will be our being forced to realize there are no silver bullets and in some cases the bullet we thought we were taking to help us will have shot us in the foot.

    New technology like complete body scans and much more are on the way. Using aura photography will take on new and more scientific meaning.

    Our emotions are ruled in part by Pisces. Understanding our emotions and deciding on a healthy response is essential. Each of us and how we deal with our emotions is where our country's mass consciousness comes from. This is a time when the mass consciousness could be ruled by fear. The last time we had Uranus in Pisces part of the mass consciousness was "there is something out there trying to get us" We saw the 18th Amendment banning alcohol. Alcohol was evil and something to fear. The harder we as a society try to fight this and other types of substances that people use to escape, the bigger our loss as a society will be. Many could turn to substance whether from the corner drug store, liquor store or street dealer. Gangsters were "taking over" during the last Uranus in Pisces and there was the formation of the "Untouchables". This time around we have "Homeland Security". The American Communist Party was formed during the last transit of Uranus in Pisces. This had the country running on its feelings of fear of the "Red Menace". Numerous people were arrested without any real cause. There is certainly a pattern here.

    Some that are not accepting of seeing the other dimensions could become unstable and feel they are going crazy or the devil has taken their soul and they are possessed. It is important to assist others to accept these changing times. If you are in a public place and see someone jerk their head as if they are "seeing something" that is not visible to you, you could offer support and let them know there are tree divas, flower divas and much more.

    Attending to our mental health is very important. Each of us will likely be pushed to the max with all the psychic changes. Plan and schedule your mental health routine and I mean routine. If you can have a daily practice you will fare these changing times much better. Our psychological health will be important but this has to be worked on in conjunction with our physical health. Your mind is healthier from having a spiritual practice such as meditation and your body needs proper food and movement. Yoga is one wonderful expression of what I am talking about here. If this is your field of expertise, go and talk to corporations or places of business. You could set up yoga classes before work and their employees would be more focused and more productive.

    Pisces rules the feet. Foot reflexology and the "ion cleanse" are the perfect planetary examples of Uranus in Pisces. Detoxing through the feet. Any type of detoxing will gain popularity.

    Music, fantasy books, movies along with mythology will be popular and the images will likely amaze us. The movie "What In The Bleep Do We Know?" while it was not amazing has been a huge success. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing scientists use their vocabulary to express what we in the metaphysical community believe.

    OK, back to looking at the Capricorn ingress chart that started the planetary energies we are currently working with and in effect until March 20, 2005.

    The planet with the most discordant energy is Saturn. Saturn is also retrograde at this time. Saturn goes retrograde for around four and a half months once a year. Saturn went retrograde on November 7th, 2004 and will go direct on March 21st, 2005 . The Aries ingress will be a welcome relief in getting this task master planet moving forward. Until March 21st, we as a nation will be redefining the rules we live by. Great Spirit is giving our government and us the time to develop a more efficient plan. When Saturn is retrograde world enterprises usually go through a period of postponement or there are setbacks. Responsibilities that might not have been planned for come up. These responsibilities are usually turning up to get us to understand any unfinished business we have ignored. Saturn is in the 7th house and is encouraging us to look at our foreign affairs as a country. In our personal lives we are being encouraged to look at our relationships with others. How is the balance? Are there areas or times when egos get in the way of better relationships? A relationship to me means there are two people that have voluntarily decided to spend time together. If we then take the time we spend together to manipulate or attempt to change the other person, then the volunteer part of this equation comes into question.

    The sign of Cancer has the most discord and this sign is in the 7th house. Again we are being asked to look at partnerships, as a country and on an individual basis. Are you running on your emotions? It is important to be in touch with your feelings. We each choose how we react to these emotions. Our country has reacted with a commitment in a dollar amount. I feel it is more important to declare your commitment to being of assistance for the long haul as well as a monetary amount. Throwing money at a problem isn't always the most helpful response. If you and your partner have a disagreement, sending flowers or gifts that are not financially responsible might not be the best remedy to resolving the issue. Oh, and what kind of a partner are you between your spiritual being and your physical being?

    The antidote for a discordant Saturn is Venus energy. Some examples of Venus energy are getting out and being social, going to the movies, having others join us and enjoy some sort of entertainment. Play poker or any other game or play or listen to music. Take the time for recreation. Take some classes, but more for your entertainment than for a career goal.

    The general condition of the country is under the influence of Chiron. Chiron is an important planetary energy when we are seeking to understand our wounds. Wounds we carry in our country's consciousness and on an individual basis. How do we perceive we are wounded? How do we wound others? Just as important is looking deeply at how we can heal our self first and then reach out to assist others. If we as a country are not whole and if we as an individual are not whole then our giving cannot be as effective.

    This country has a reputation and the reputation comes from the thoughts that each of us projects. Part of the government reaching out is a calculated effort to bring us as a country a better image. I hope this goes deeper than this. There is such a wide separation in the balance of wealth. I am not saying there will be a balance overnight but going in a direction where we all have an opportunity to find happiness in our respective homelands is essential.

    Our financial stability is not in the best planetary light. We want to look at this on a personal level. Are we carrying too much debt to "buy" a better standing with others? The status of the nation will be on a roller coaster ride. Some will continue to point fingers at the USA and say we are doing wrong and others will see the USA as saviors. Well, nothing new here, huh? If you study the natal chart of the USA this is part of what we signed up for. Looking at this chart we are going to take a hit in a financial way helping the other areas of the world. We could wake up to find we have huge financial needs right here at home.

    Women's rights and earning capacity is not favorable during this quarter of the year. There are indications for concern with the law and order here. Crime will likely be on the increase during this time. The bond and relationship with the masses will be under a strain during this time period. People in parts of Texas are being denied flood disaster relief from the floods in November of 2004. Tourism will be low in numbers and have many disappointed. There is a voting date coming up for the government being able to continue to go into private citizens' homes------ get out and vote. Keep an eye on any judicial developments during this time and take appropriate action.

    There are indicators for more natural calamities during this time period. There is a storm brewing and heading toward the USA. There is a high possibility of disturbed weather patterns all during this time period and some are likely to lose their life here.

    Our national aims and desires are driven by passion and desire for a better image in the international standing. It is important to have social alliances but I'm wondering how this will have a long-term effect on this country's plans. There are already news stories that some are circulating that the USA caused the tsunami by atomic testing. This chart is showing there are opponents with equal passion.

    There are some concerns with smuggling at this time. The country is extremely busy on many fronts and attention to our ports and other points of entry could be at risk. It has been in the news enough that we as citizens are aware that this is a weak point so we know the ones that are planning attacks are equally aware.

    We will each have to be diligent on a personal level about what is important. A country can not have fear or in fact any emotion, but the mass consciousness does have emotion. What each of us puts into our emotion is what feeds the whole. The antidote to this whole chart is the Venus energy. Venus energy is social involvement. If you look across the room and see an ugly or a beautiful person realize the ugliness or the beauty is from within.

  • Astrological outlook for the second quarter 2005 using Aries Equinox chart March 20th 2005

    This is for the time period March 20th through June 21 2005. This chart and time period again has a predominance of Cardinal mode. We are still set on getting things started. There will likely be a tremendous amount of emotion at this time. We as a country and as individuals are really going to have to slow our actions and our emotions down and find ways to calm our lives.

    The Moon is the planet with the most power and is at 29 degrees Cancer. Finishing up matters that are super close and emotionally volatile will be front and center. The Moon is in opposition to Mars in Capricorn. This sign has the most discord in this chart. Mars (also at 29 degrees) is feeling "fit to be tied". National resources could be the major discussion surrounding these emotions. Public out cry and even protests are very possible. Political and general stability in the country is hard pressed. There looks to be some pretty big shifts coming in our government. Natural calamities are also a possibility. The weather is likely again to be very unstable along with the people's emotions. Mars energy is the antidote for the Moon, so getting up and moving and not dwelling on upsets or letting emotions run the show is going to be helpful. The country must have disaster plans in place. Each of us must take the responsibility and have our own plan in place.

    Saturn is retrograde and has the most discord for this time period. What are the rules, who is the authority? What are the boundaries? The banks and boundaries around water are moving. Are our national resources being used wisely? The government's as well as our personal goals and plans are just not moving forward or if they are, it is going at a snail's pace. Your personal boundaries may feel pushed to the point of being uncomfortable. It is a good time to check and see if you have healthy boundaries and if any changes are beneficial.

    The government could be looking at the draft or pressing people into service to assist with national concerns. Could this be something the government forms like the CCC? The President and the government as a whole are likely under great stress. Credit issues are brought to the front. The debt of the country and the debt the citizens are carrying. Write your representatives to demand a limit on finance charges on credit cards at a national level. Credit card companies all continue to move to states where there are no laws on this issue.

    Jupiter is retrograde. The financial solvency of the country is not in good shape. The general health (physical and mental) of the people is not the best. The common people are just not going to feel joyous. Bank functions like the ATMs or on-line banking could have some breakdowns or be hacked. Identity thefts will increase.*** I know several people that this has been a concern for and this concern will continue to grow.

    It is important to keep your immune system in good shape. We all know that it is not a matter of if but when we will be dealing with an epidemic. There are some indicators in this planetary line up that this is a possibility. One of the things I do at this time of year is use Tincture of Hydrangea to assist kidney function.

    The country is feeling a tremendous amount of discord on an international level. On a personal level our career and our sense of authority are feeling questioned. It is important to find time for some fantasy or recreational relief. Join a spiritual movie night to enjoy an uplifting movie and have a discussion with like-minded people.

    We are in for some surprises from our international friends. Uranus is in the sign that has the most harmony in this chart so these surprises will likely be inspiring and uplifting. Venus is the planet that has the most harmony and this is again encouraging us to find time to reach out and gather with social groups for the fun of it. Venus is in the 12th house so we are going to have to really make an effort to get out and go seek these social functions. The Sun is in the 12th house and intercepted for this time period. We as a country are likely to be facing huge financial expenditures. The war most likely will escalate. Labor disturbances are likely. There is a real concern with smuggling, financial loss and an increase in crime. This indicates a difficulty to find focus and remain focused to attend to the task at hand. We will find our Aries focus through Pisces energy. The country and each of us are being asked to find the divine in everything.

    We have Mercury retrograde and in the 12th house. In mundane astrology mail and mail carriers are one area ruled by Mercury and the 12th house tells us where mishaps might happen. There could be another occurrence with the mail being used by terrorists. Air travel will continue to struggle and some carriers will go out of business. This is another indication that there could be concerns with public illness. West Nile or a disease carried by birds could surface. Strategists could "get it wrong" during this time period. This is not a favorable time for advertising. If you must start any new advertising campaigns during this time period, find the best astrological aspects available.

    Looking at the overall energy of this chart, this is likely going to be a tough time period. Our physical weather is likely disturbed and our emotional weather can also be disturbed. Find a group where you can support one another. Bring harmony into your life. Planting or going to visit gardens is a great use of this energy. Use fruits in the place of refined sweets or candy. Remember to take care of your physical body so there is more time for joy of exploring your spiritual body. Come on into Owl's Clover, Inc and check out the Computer exercise "Journey to the Wild Divine" and sign up for yoga.

    The distinction of us v/s them will destroy all. There is a healing crisis going on internally and in the world. Our first Mother, Mother Earth, can have health concerns and our responsibility is for ourselves first, then Mother Earth, and then the family that lives here on Mother Earth.

    We will do well using Venus energy to antidote the disharmony we are feeling from the Saturn energy. Nurturing Universal love or at the very least practicing tolerance is the key to elevating this time period.

  • Astrological outlook for the third quarter 2005 using Cancer Ingress chart June 21 2005

    This third quarter chart time period is for June 21 through September 22, 2005. Again we have mostly Cardinal energy. The country and each of us want to get things started. It will be important to analyze what we are starting and have a long term plan to accomplish our goals. The element of water is prominent. Our emotions and feelings are important. Dealing with all these emotions are going to take time and focus. If we give in to emotions for emotion's sake, we will likely wind up having a pity party and wavering on what is important. Self-indulgence could run the show.

    The most powerful point in the chart for this time period is the Midheaven. This is also the point that has the most discord. The Midheaven helps us understand "what we know about ourselves." What and how do we express ourselves to the world? There is an urge to care for others shown here. The country will push ahead with plans with the assurance that they can manage whatever situation arises. The country would be well advised to not get too stubborn and push through using ways that have "always worked in the past".

    The Midheaven is in the sign of Capricorn. This sign has the most discord in this particular chart. This sign tends to have a bulldozer management way of running things and dealing with others. Capricorn's energy usually has a good dose of reality and we really would be wise to take a look at what causes us to continue pushing when there might be a better way of handling things as a country and as individuals. Resistance to change doesn't keep things from changing, it only makes change seem like friction or discomfort. Resistance can also bring feelings of suspicion, pessimism and clinging to our ways and material possessions.

    Treating people only as numbers and objects could be another concern. Humility is a word the country and each of us would do well to hold in the front of our mind.

    Neptune and the sign Libra have the most harmony. Taking the time to honor these energy archetypes can bring peace and balance to the country and each of us. Neptune encourages us to dream. Watch or read fantasy books or movies with mythological subjects. Understand that you are more productive if down time is taken. Libra desires balance and harmony. Look for ways to be the best partner you can be. Get out and be social and enjoy music are two more ideas. Scents and essential oils are ruled by this type of energy. The established medical people will use this more in their health suggestions.

    Like we talked about with the previous quarter, LOVE of self and others is continuing to be pointed out as the way to success. Working for the universal good is a wonderful goal.

    The Sun is in the second house and has only hard aspects. This is indicating the president is having a hard time. Well, he is quoted as saying,"This is really hard work". Boy, is this a chart showing to be careful what you speak, because the universe is listening. The president is likely having many disagreements. He could be dealing with labor disruptions as well as war concerns. There could be big unrest in some prisons or other large institutions.

    Some of the areas the Sun rules are the army, police officers, public utilities, large and showy buildings, things we do for pleasure and the morals and values of the people. All of these areas could be feeling aggression and irritation from Mars. This is an indication the war is still seeing high activity and even a step-up of attacks.

    Our national purchasing power is not strong. Our national status is not being seen in a good light. The value of the USA dollar is not good.

    The government is likely attempting to communicate more with the public, particularly to or about the young and women. There could be a step-up in the discussion on the over turn of Roe v/s Wade. Discussions of changes in the education system are likely.

    This would be a good time period to look at color therapy. Seek out a professional or do your own research.

    The weather is likely to continue to be unpredictable. Water is still the main concern. Agriculture could suffer from these weather concerns. Mud and mudslides are indicated. There will likely be one or more weather disasters that really take a heavy toll on our national resources. Looking again, this is just as likely from a man-made disaster as from a Natural one.

    Foreclosures will rise and there could be a public outcry. The peoples' voice about their discontent is louder.

    Our relations with our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, could be under some strain. This could be seen in our personal relations with our neighbors.

    New research on obesity and or diabetes will be in the news.

    School systems or charitable organizations and or corporations could discover embezzlement or misappropriation of pension funds.

    The faith of the country is struggling. This is the time for those of us in the metaphysical community to hold strong.

    There will be revelations of hidden weak spots. Could these mean earthquakes? Another possibility would be an epidemic, floods, and cyclones. If this does not play out on a physical level there is a good indication of a huge shift in the mass consciousness and their beliefs. Well, both could happen. The death rate is higher in this quarter than the others. Is this physical death or are we as a nation going through a spiritual death and rebirth? When this big of a shift is happening there are likely many people very uncomfortable. Remember the Uranus in Pisces? This charts shows some could be feeling very unstable. Thankfully the TV programs are showing that people can see and talk to the dead. Maybe this will help some keep a grasp on what is happening to them and others around them.

    With the weather conditions we talked about earlier, the nation's crops are a concern.

    There are further indications that the emotions of the people are influenced with Neptune energy. More and louder talk of conspiracies will be going around.

    There are some indications for health concerns for the president or other executives. We would have to compare these charts to the individual's natal chart to see if this has contacts.

    The chart for this time period again shows surprises from our international friends. This time these surprises may not be so welcome. Some alliances will bring irritation. Our future goals will need to be revised. The income of the country will be on a roller coaster.

    Crime and affairs of the army are on the increase and bring financial loss. If an epidemic does occur, the hospitals are a real concern. Contagious diseases will likely be very difficult to contain.

    We have seen an increase in hold-ups and this chart indicates this activity could increase. Our police men and women should exercise extra caution during this time period.

  • Astrological outlook for the fourth quarter 2005 using Libra Equinox chart September 22, 2005

    This chart and time period September 22 through December 21, 2005 has more mutable energy. Mutable energy is going to be welcome after so much cardinal energy. Now we can turn our attention to being more adaptable. We will be more versatile using our energy. We will want to focus and carry through with the tasks we have started. Some can use this energy to be deceptive. Just like the months and signs mutable energy represents, we don't quite know what season we are in. The physical weather is changing and we as humans usually mirror this. Staying on the task and setting schedules and deadlines will be important to achieve our goals.

    The element of Air is most prominent. Mental sharpness will serve us. It will be important to not live in our heads. Get the ideas down on paper and put into action. There is a great ability to be objective, logical and broadminded. The Sun is the Power planet in the most powerful house and in the most powerful sign. The Sun is also in the most harmonious sign for this chart. Finally here is a chart that will give some relief to write about after all the heavy serious energy for the earlier part of the year. Whew, am I glad to see some of this energy change.

    The planet that has the most disharmony is Saturn and the sign is Leo. Saturn is changing from the sign of Cancer to Leo on July 16th 2005. We have had Saturn in the sign of Cancer since June of 2003. This will be a big shift. Please check the web site for more information. When we have a discordant Saturn, we can get stuck in work and feel we have no worth if we do not keep our shoulder to the wheel. The antidote for Saturn is Venus. Here again we will find balance in getting away from our work projects and taking the time for pleasure. If you have others in your life that have Saturn discord natally you might want to call them and encourage them to join you for some time off and recreation. This time period is encouraging all of us to get out and have some fun, but still these people might not be listening.

    The national wealth, government finance, and the strength of our currency are still going through some struggles. The country could be spending a good deal of money for war equipment and supplies. Many will become impatient with this feeling. Finding ways to remain calm and allowing the balance in our currency to return is advised. There is the possibility of some national glory.

    The people will have their focus on our country's infrastructure, transportation, and schools. There could be some news about the internet or other forms of communication. The Northern Lights could be even further down and really giving us a show. Navigation tools could go through some changes. Discussions about the distribution of water could be in the news. As with any responsible part of being prepared, have a supply of water on hand.

    The birth rate shows to be down. Children and circumstances concerning children and the young and/or the old are getting some focus time.

    This is not the time period for speculation. The stock market is flat at the best. Many could be feeling sorrow from speculation.

    Tourism is likely up and many will be ready for some form of pleasure. The people in the nation are in a cooperative mood. Some joviality will return. Business establishments are doing better. There is a feeling of a national social evolution and the social consciousness is expanding.

    Our national status with other countries shows to be much better. Foreign trade and agreements are going well. Casinos are doing well, but you likely won't win with the other indicators. Well, I really guess that means the casinos are doing good, huh? Movies, the theater, and other entertainment fields are likely welcoming crowds.

    There are still some concerns with women and women's rights. Abortion rights could be challenged at this time.

    There is a possibility of an assassination attempt. I have not compared this chart to our president to see if there are any contacts.

    There is another indication of a huge shift in the way we view our place in the world. Will we be faced with other countries' atomic ability? Will we consider using atomic weapons? Could there be a nuclear accident? The USA's ego could become so big that we attract even more opponents. We have so many good aspects in this chart I pray the government powers don't take parts of the available energy and get stubborn with worldviews. There is a real opportunity to make a huge shift in our human consciousness. The energy for this time can bring plans and goals to assist the healing for all of humanity. I see the will of the people in line with this goal.

    Study of life after death will be in the news, as well as the astral world. Could aura cameras become part of the digital camera consumer boom?

    Crime and particularly crime against women could be a concern. The status of the war has a growing nebulous feel. There could be some heavy financial expenditure in regard to the war.

    This is a time when some of the discoveries deep in Mother Ocean can come.

    This is a time to review what you have learned from the strife and struggle of the first three quarters of 2005. It is important to not let ego rule the roost. Focusing on balance and harmony here at the Libra ingress is essential.