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Local Space
by Gail Carswell

Local Space Maps (See Example of President Bush at the bottom of article).

What is local Space?

This is another tool in our Astrology toolbox. Imagine that we are standing at our place of birth, at the moment of our birth, and turning in a full circle looking along the horizon. We can follow an imaginary line to each of the planets as they are placed in the heavens. As we imagine these lines running toward the horizon in the direction of the planets, we will see them running through certain cities, regions, and countries. These are the lines that appear on the local horizon chart or local space chart. Using current computer technology this is a simple process.


The chart is a large circle with the 4 compass directions of North, South, East, and West with the planets of your NATAL CHART located on the circle as stated above. Lining this printout to the compass directions of your present location you can overlay the chart on a room, the whole house, a town or city, the state or country.

At the room level the direction of the Mercury line would be a good place for the computer or where you do your reading and studying, and at the country level you might plan your vacation toward your Venus or Jupiter line. You can use the chart to see why some areas are happier to you than other areas, or why you feel uncomfortable in some places.

There is a great similarity to the planet energy and its meaning AREA wise.

SUN areas bring out our creative natures. Also our capacity for self-esteem, our ego. (Face your Sun line area when needing to be creative). A place or direction where you will be noticed or shine in a particular field. Your vital force will be increased along with your courage, and drive to develop your individual character. Good area to recharge your personal battery. (However if you donít want to be noticed donít go here.) PERSONAL CREATIVITY

MOON areas deal with our emotional security Ė nurturing or being nurtured. Our need for roots, for home and family. Whether we seek that security and nurturing from a home, a person, a pet, food, or whatever, we will focus our energy for an emotional connection. A good area to have for your CAVING or meditating on being happy from self-nurturing. A good area for family pictures. When you entertain at home this room will draw people. EMOTIONAL SECURITY

MERCURY areas are mind stimulating and expand our desire to learn or teach. This symbolizes our conscious mind, the ability to learn and communicate, lecture and to see the broad perspective and not to take things too personally. Logic and verbal facility are enhanced with Mercury energy. Perfect area for your library, travel guides, and maps. A great area for the computer or reading, writing, studying area. Follow this line to a good massage therapist. COMMUNICATION

VENUS areas are concerned with pleasure, whether physical (ruler of Taurus) or social in relationships with others (ruler of Libra). Traveling in this direction you will find ease in attracting compatible people. This could bring personal friends or business acquaintances. Your partner could have been born under your Venus line or that is where you met. The bedroom, area for leisure, or an area for the arts or other pleasures. Good place for your music center or instruments. PLEASURE/SOCIAL

MARS areas are likely to involve personal action. This energy involves our instinctive self-will in action, our desire to do what we please. This also involves our self-confidence and sense of individual identity. The Mars line is one to take special consideration. Action and aggression can manifest in constructive or destructive ways. A great work out room area, or where machines are used for exercise. If your barbeque grill is here use extra caution. PERSONAL ACTION

JUPITER areas represent our search for Truth, Faith, and Trust, and direction in our lives. Follow this line for abundance, prosperity, opportunity, classes and ceremonies. This area would be my choice for meditation or higher learning and study. Find a lawyer, publishing house or advertising agency under these lines. Opportunities will be abundant. If your refrigerator is here, watch for over eating. Also your Alter would be best in this area. CONSCIOUS HIGHER SPIRITUAL

SATURN Areas are the key to the LAW, whether natural laws (time and gravity), human law (stop for red lights), or inner laws (conscience). The consequences, painful or pleasant, teach us what we can do, what we canít do, and what we have to do. Good place to be a hermit. Hang your diplomas or awards here to remind you that hard work does bring rewards, Store the Tax records or take care of bills. An area for very structured study or developing class syllabus. LAW, REALISM

URANUS Areas marks our urge to go beyond the limits of Saturn, traditions, or the Past. For a unique vacation full of surprises, donít expect to follow a plan. Following this line can have you feeling erratic. If you accept change easily this line wonít be as disruptive. You will have flashes of insight here. If your bedroom is under this line and you have difficulty sleeping, take your chart into the room and see if you can move the bed in another area of the room to pull in a more soothing energy. NEW EXPERIENCES

NEPTUNE Areas are similar to Jupiter, except when Neptune is involved, we tend to be more unconscious. Jupiter seeks conscious faith whether in religion, science, metaphysics, philosophy, etc. Neptune seeks the final Oneness with the Whole. We may also play Victim if we are unrealistic about our faith. NOT a good place for the wet bar! I wouldnít want to have medical testing or procedures done following this line. Good for a vacation for a total escape with Spiritual overtones. If Las Vegas is the direction of your Neptune line, donít count on winning the jackpot. Follow this line to find your favorite movie or theatre location. UNCONSCIOUS HIGHER SPIRITUAL

PLUTO Areas symbolize our capacity for self-knowledge, our personal depth. Not the best area for family discussions. Good place to store the vacuum cleaner however! Vacations on this line can be extreme, not ho hum, and could seen as good or bad, there isnít much neutral ground when dealing with Pluto. If you are comfortable with Plutonian energy, Shamanic or occult work would be powerful following this line. Transformation can be achieved here. Think Nuclear intensity. POWER ISSUES/TRANSFORMATION

Have you ever gone into a motel room and everything seemed just perfect? I donít mean clean and have the proper items that are expected. What Iím talking about is a feeling. It just feels good. Also the reverse has occurred where you feel as though everything is just awkward! And this is a 5 star exclusive hotel. Well if you had your local space map it would explain why. Studies show that most people feel more comfortable on a Venus or Jupiter direction line as opposed to the Saturn or Pluto lines.

Local Space really came to the attention of most due to Feng Shui (a means to deflect ill fortune and attract good luck). Local Space gives us a way to direct our energies in harmony with our Natal Planet positions. A class I took on Feng Shui, which relied heavily on the Local Space of the individual, had this story. It started with a remodeling of the living room. The furniture was moved around into a more acceptable layout according to the rules of Feng Shui. All seemed to work except where the lady of the house was sitting when relaxing. She kept getting cranky and irritable over the slightest occurrences. When it was discovered that the local space chart showed the lady was sitting on her Pluto line, whereas before she was on her Venus line, she moved the chair and was quite content after that.

For couples, both natal Local Space charts should be considered and perhaps a composite chart may be useful. Usually some compromise will be needed, but thatís part of living with other beings peacefully. I have seen some households where one room is set up on one persons chart and another room set up on the others chart.

Realize that a flat map that projects the planets as they appeared in the sky at your birthplace and time looks entirely different than your astrological chart. (Please see the example). Also as you change your position on Earth, your local space VIEW will change from where your planets were at your birthplace. This again is because of the spherical relationship to your view.

President Busl Local Space Looking at President George W. Bush. He followed his Mars line to Austin, Texas and held the position of Governor of Texas. From Texas to Washington he has following his Pluto line.