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Astrology and TAROT
by Roger Baldwin

Astrology and the Tarot

The Sacred Tarot (C.C.Zain) Presented by Roger Baldwin, Hermetician, Minister

For centuries Tarot cards have been a source of fascination, both as a philosophical device and a tool for divination (foretelling future events). Although the oldest existing examples of Tarot cards are from the 15th century it has long been believed that the images originally date from a still more ancient past. The commonly held explanation is that Tarot or Ta-Ro means “Royal Path” and represents the road of initiation as taught by the mystery schools of old.

Oral tradition instructs us that during the ritual of Egyptian Initiation the Neophyte underwent rigorous testing to prove his or her ability. The initiate was then led into the subterranean temple chambers where he or she was brought before the bas-relief images of the Tarot Arcaneum and instructed to memorize the given admonitions. These Tarot Arcaneum, and their corresponding admonitions represented the different stages of development of the evolving Soul or consciousness and contained important moral messages. Over time various schools of philosophic thought have assigned correspondences between the 22 Major Arcaneum of the Tarot and the 22 Astrological forces of the 10 Planets and 12 Zodical Signs as well as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Our first meeting approaches the Tarot images as icons or Archetypes representing powerful forces with constructive or destructive potentialities found within our own character. We will look at 10 of the 22 Major Arcaneum and compare them to the planetary influences within our charts. We will use the pictured image of the Tarot along with its admonition as a meditative tool to further understand how to utilize the structure of our own consciousness as represented by planetary POWER, HARMONY, and DISCORD. The purpose is to understand and accept our own character, enhance our harmonious attributes and channel destructive impulses into constructive expression.