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from previous Seminar participants


"This seminar is an opening of the cosmic door - to the many dimensions of the universe and to your own soul. I recommend it highly. Since the seminar, I have attended many others and have been able to truly walk my walk in tune with Mother Earth and all her relations. Gail and Michael are great facilitators to help you along your path."

Debbie Noah, HMA, DiHom


"The Natural World Seminar helped me to re-establish my connection To Mother Earth. Having arrived in the mid-west from living in Southern California and New Mexico where the sea and the mountains were visible and visit-able to flat lands that were humid and hot in the summer, cold, gray and sunless in winter I found myself losing my anchors and the quality of my inner life was fading fast.

The Natural World Seminar stirred remembrances of childhood lessons that had dimmed as I become enmeshed in the frantic pace of the world's chaos around me as an adult. Priorities were sorted, right order restored and most important my will to maintain my balance was fanned into a flame that has remained constant.

My husband and I took the class together and I am ecstatic that we did. The changes that we have experienced since the seminar could easily have strained our relationship to a breaking point. And neither of us are of the nature to run during tough times. The information learned has been incorporated into our daily lives adding to the richness of our now whether shared or singly."



"The Natural World Seminar opened me to whole new worlds and put my feet on a new, unexpected path. It was wonderful being surrounded in class by people who were working from the heart and in many cases, already serving others in healing modalities. I really felt at home in such a heart-centered atmosphere. Gail and Michael are such warm-hearted, firmly grounded people, and so knowledgeable that I felt in good hands with them throughout the course."



"Prior to attending the Natural World Seminar in April, 2003, I'd had some exposure to the metaphysical world through Reiki, but that was about it. The Natural World Seminar is worth at least a year in therapy in terms of its personal growth and healing potential. The sweat lodge experience alone is worth more than words can say. Gail and Michael are down-to-earth, genuinely warm people who know how to blend great teaching with fun and a sense of humor."



"The seminar gave me a sense of coming home, I had drifted so far from being connected with Mom Earth, and from my own intuition! Since that training my world has been a continued journey and my capacity to enjoy these renewed connections is still growing."

Liefs, MF (Netherlands)


"There were so many magical experiences that I find myself still speechless to express it and when I do try to speak about it, I find that making words to discuss it almost takes away from it because it is so experiential, so deep, so loving and so spiritual it defies words for me. Words cannot do it justice. LS Even today, several days after my return from Arizona, I am still unable to put in words the transformation that took place within me and is still occurring. My family is not sure what to think. All I have been told is, "Mom you 'feel' different."

My four legged fuzzy companions (several dogs and cats) have all greeted me with their usual enthusiasm but even they now approach me in a different manner. The knowing shows in their eyes. They recognize the change and honor it.

I had no idea when I signed up to attend that this seminar would catalyze such a transformation within me. This was the true gift from Great Spirit, God, Creator, the finding of the 'core' me. The group that I found myself with was loving, supportive, and created space for each and everyone participating. It was a glorious experience. We are all connected.

Mitakuye Oyasin-- We are all related."



"It is so very hard to put all that I experienced into words, but suffice to say it has permanently changed my life in ways that I am just starting to understand. While I came back tired in body, my soul has been renewed and refreshed and in a way, reborn. All of my senses are sharp and clear, and I've hardly stopped smiling since leaving the Seminar.

Here I was in a place with people who were strangers and yet not completely so, but I was able to be myself in a way that I have never before. The lessons I have learned about myself at the seminar will take me many years to work with and integrate into my being. Thinking back to my experiences, at first I was amazed at what Spirit showed me, but after some time of sitting down with what happened I realized that what I was shown was simply a mirror into myself.

The visions and guidance I received had been there all along, but I had many blockages that needed to be cleared to allow their energy to come through.

There is so much more that I could share, but in closing I would like to thank each and everyone of the students that attended the seminar with me. I enjoyed meeting and being with everyone, and I know that all of our lives have been changed for the better.

As I was leaving the airport in Phoenix bound for home, I heard a tremendous voice inside my head, almost as if the land itself was speaking to me. A very profound voice spoke, honoring me for my path and for having visited their land. It was like getting a huge "thumbs up", and it made me smile in a way that I have not before. I find it odd that the person who has always told others to smile forgot how to himself. I'm not exactly sure yet of all that's happened to me, but one might say I have been touched by the stars."

:) ER