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Colloidal Silver by Michael and Gail

What the class covers:

  1. In this class we will build a simple low cost low voltage system to make colloidal silver from distilled water and two electrodes made from silver.

  2. There will be two systems running in the class while the class is going on so that you can see how the system works. We will be testing the water before and after with a PPM (parts per million) meter.

  3. We will also learn a method by looking at the color of the water to tell the approximate concentration of colloidal silver in the water.

  4. A 16 page manual is included with the class as well as the circuit diagram and parts listing if you would like to build your own system.

How does Colloidal Silver help us

  • Silver has been used as a preservative and as a medicine by many cultures throughout history.

  • Many types of medicinal silver compounds were used in the 1800's and early 1900's to treat a variety of diseases and ailments.

  • With the introduction of antibiotics in the late 1940's, the use of colloidal silver as an anti-microbial medicine began to decline.

  • Because of this new epidemic of 'super strains' , a renewed interest in silver is emerging.

  • Many large companies are developing new silver compounds for a variety of anti-microbial applications, including protection against the AIDS virus.

  • The best modern colloidal silver is prepared by the electro-colloidal process using pure distilled water and two 99.9% pure silver electrodes. A voltage is applied between the silver electrodes which are submerged in the distilled water. The flow of current from the positive (anode) to the negative (cathode) causes minute particles of silver to release from the anode and migrate toward the cathode. Each particle of silver receives of positive electrical charge when it is emitted from the anode, and because like charges repel, the silver particles tend to move away from each other and become suspended in the water. The silver is not dissolved in the water but the particles are suspended by the principle of 'Brownian Motion' creating a true colloid of silver in water.

  • Like all other minerals, silver must be in a colloidal state to be absorbed by our bodies.

  • When colloidal silver is ingested and absorbed into the body, the small positively charged silver particles begin to flow in and permeate all the bodily fluids. Wherever the silver comes in contact with a single-celled organism like a virus, fungi or bacterium, the silver disables a specific enzyme that these creatures need to metabolize oxygen; In effect they can't breath and within a few minutes they suffocate and die.

  • In 1940, R. A. Kehoe reported that under normal circumstances, the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables would provide between 50-100 mcg of silver as a trace element. Since that time, the commercial farm soils of this country have become extremely deficient in trace minerals. According to the Earth Summit Report, issued in 1992, the levels of soil based minerals in North America have dropped over 85% in the last 100 years. Assuming that our ancestor's diet used to contain trace silver, and that our diet probably has greatly reduced levels, there is a reasonable argument for supplementing with colloidal silver.