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Michael and Gail

Gail Carswell

Well let's see where to start, I was born January 28, 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas. My parents bought their first home when I was three years old. This was next door to a plant nursery. I have a dime taped in my baby book that I earned watering plants when I was four years old. The nursery was forever changing with mail ordered insects, frogs and other animal friends. The plant, tree, insect and animal nations are still very important in my life.

Looking at my astrological chart using Astrodynes, the most powerful planet is Saturn. The planet with the most disharmony is Saturn. Thankfully the antidote planet to all this Saturn energy, Venus, is the planet with the most harmony in my natal chart. Using Vedic astrology, I was born in my Saturn cycle. Saturn and I are pretty good friends. When I take time off work I really enjoy getting my rock hammer and other tools out and going rock hunting.

I have had several shamanic instances in my life.One experience that made a huge impression was with my father. He was watering the flower garden one afternoon. I was standing by his side. There was a hummingbird close by. My dad continued to water and said to me, "You know I could catch that humming bird if I wanted to." I just stood there not knowing what to think. He then asked, "You want to see me do it?" I shook my head yes very cautiously. He laid the water hose down and gently reached out and caught the humming bird. My eyes were still not believing this had happened. He asked, "You believe me, you believe I caught the humming bird, don't you?" I knew I hadn't seen the bird fly away but still my mind was in a quandary, I just stood there. He then said, "Do you want to see the humming bird in my hands?" I again shook my head yes. He brought his closed hands so I could see inside. There the beautiful bird was!!! He then let the bird fly away. He bent over and picked up the water hose and went back to watering. He said, "Do you know how I did that?" I slowly shook my head NO. He said, "Because I asked the bird if I could."

Many people have asked me about my e-mail address rockdoc, well rocks are my doctors. Rocks were some of my first friends and still are some very close allies as I'm seeking healing on many levels. I have studied with the GIA in California. I use Blue Turtle Natural Essence for myself and I am a certified consultant for these essences.

My seventh grade science fair project was on Astrology. Yes, in Fort Worth. This is pretty much the buckle in the "Bible belt". My teacher had thought I said Astronomy. I received a C grade on my project. This was the first C I had every received on anything in school. I went through being mad, and then very sad, and after a while understood one of the most valuable lessons in life. What ever you are doing in life you had better be doing it for self-approval because looking for approval from others can leave you disappointed.

I worked in hospital pharmacy for over a decade. I watched patients be admitted with one or more diagnosis and saw the list of drugs they were currently taking. They would have more tests and it seemed most were discharged with more diagnosis and additional pharmaceuticals. I felt there had to be something more. I started looking at nutrition and the spiritual side of life. This also lead to my study with the British Institute of Homeopathy and attending American Academy of Bereavement Conferences.

I have traveled to over forty countries and lived in London England, Glasgow, Scotland and Baja California, Mexico and several areas in Australia. I love travel and feel that this is one of the best ways of education in life. I have planted many gardens and hugged and had conversations with trees all around the world. Being in nature and being in a sweat lodge are two of the most wonderful experiences here on Mother Earth.

I currently write an astrology column for a local publication. I continue to study astrology and am fascinated with many areas of astrology. I love working with Locational Astrology. In my travels I could feel the different energies. After studying Locational astrology I understand why some of the places I traveled felt like home and others didn't resonate that feeling. I found out more about myself by studying Galactic Astrology. Pulsars, quasars and black holes are sending energy messages to us just like the basic (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) planets.

Medical astrology is a true blessing. When I first bought a "Medical Astrology" book I didn't let it out of my hands for weeks. The benefits I personally have received, as well as my clients, have been enormous and have had life-changing effects. Selecting surgery dates is an area that can take a lot of time but very rewarding. Timing is so important for all of us living on Mother Earth. I love working with astrology clients and assisting in finding solutions to what could be stressful transits and making the most positive growth from all the transits. Along with astrology clients, I have Soul Recovery and Extraction clients from all over the world.

Michael and I own a metaphysical shop in Fort Worth, Texas, called Owl's Clover, Inc. This is where we sell gifts, mineral specimens, and books. We teach classes in all levels and types of Astrology, Colloidal Silver making, ear candle making, Brotherhood of Light classes, Solarfire classes, and classes on various metaphysical topics. We sit circle for every Full Moon, the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses and the cross-quarters. We are both Reiki trained and have a Reiki share group twice a month.

I am a certified teacher for the C.C. Zain, Brotherhood of Light Lessons and a frequent presenter at their conferences.

We are gearing up our training schedule both in the United States and abroad to further The Native American Shaminac studies. I feel that this is the most important work we have at this time. If you are interested, please let us know.

I bought my first home in 1976. The house was built in 1910 and I've learned a lot about maintenance and repair of older homes. I learned so much and loved this type of work, so bought another old home and then another, and at this point I've got more work than I can say grace over. The rental properties take a lot of nurturing with time, labor and love. Each has it's own personality and likes and dislikes.

My life partner Michael Foltz does the bits and bites of maintaining our web site www.owlswebnest.com, which is a joy and a "time black hole", but rewarding.

I can't imagine my life without Yoga. We do Yoga four days a week for an hour. We enjoy walks in nature on the other days.

We love to meet others intrested in Metaphysics and Nature. Please let us know if you are in the area. If we aren't here in Fort Worth we are likely in our other home the Sedona area with our best friends.


Michael Foltz

Michael Foltz has studied Metaphysics since age 14, with special input from his mother and Uncle Bill (Mom's brother) who both were Rosicrucians well enmeshed in Metaphysics. This is a very intricate story with many twists and turns that honed me for what I was to do later!

I feel I am the result of a life's worth of passionate study in cycles, Amateur Radio (WD5CBE), Rosicrucian AMORC studies, Astrology, Numerology, Masonic work, Massage Therapy, Shamanic work, violin playing and construction, Brotherhood of Light Studies, and Soul Recovery and Extraction work and having journeys performed, in addition with a mix of Homeopathy and Natural Essence studies. It was not clear at the time, while studying each of these separately, that all of this was leading to a similar understanding from different directions of an ENERGY VIBRATION named Michael Foltz.

Raising a family of three and having an AA degree in Telecommunications working with the GTE Telephone Company from the ground floor installation of central office equipment to Corporate Administration , gave a focused view of the Corporate America dream to realizing there is more to life! Then opportunity came, early retirement allowing a directional focus change, by redirecting my sight and understanding on a principle of "resonance".

Musical study (30 years with the violin and several city orchestras) is most important and lead to the understanding of resonance of vibration on the physical, with groups of others. This was with multiple orchestras in cities where corporate jobs took me, to several quartets where a more personal experience was brought about. I made several violins from the raw wood, which gave me a physical experience to be in-touch with resonance.

The radio training (with Amateur Radio) showed this resonance as important too (on the physical), with the need for the tie between oscillators, mixers, amplification and coupling through an antenna system (both transmitting and receiving) to the special resonance required in the amplifying the receiving of the transmitted signal, with a most important learning that you must separate the signal desired from all the others.(We call this discernment on the experiences level, discriminators on the radio level!)

After working with the Cranial Sacral massage I was introduced to a deeper resonance, that of spiritual vibration through touch and healing by helping the client to change resonance to remove blocks of energy which allowed them to heal themselves. This coupled with astrology enforced this resonance coupled with free will! The Brotherhood of Light studies showed a view of Astrology that became a way of living by resonating with the energy experiences around us.

When Gail and I joined our lives, this gave a true reinforcement to what a balanced resonance is by showing the need for balance between our male and female energy. The best example is how to nurture ourselves as well as each other. Also that this is a constantly evolving process going to the depths of our core and touching the changeable we are allowed to deal with and bring warmth. The next stage being set was when working with the Natural World resonances as demonstrated by the Natural Essence studies, followed by the Shamanic training. This has lead to the depths of the spiritual energies.

All the above has been referred to as "resonance". We resonate at a particular core frequency and draw in all the energies to provide the experiences around us according to this core resonance. Sometimes though something happens to us (change our core resonance), so that we can resonate with the experiences around us. The new BUZZ word that everyone is using is SHAPE SHIFTING. In reality we can be resonating with the Earth, or Plants, or Animals by uniting with and becoming sympathetic with them/us. Shape shifting.

All of this together has assisted me to realize that all is related and cyclic including computer hardware and software, as well as all that is living. I believe all things are related and that there are NO accidents. With a proper and balanced mix of MIND (studies), BODY (nutrition and exercise), and SOUL (energy systems and Spiritual studies) we become happy. Achieving this balance, I believe, is the true purpose for our individual PATHS, which will eventually lead to this BALANCE.

We have for many years been working and teaching Natural World, Natural Essence, Quartz healing, Medical Astrology, Soul Recovery and Extraction, and Sweat Lodge. All of these classes are for the purpose of bringing a resonance so that each of us can reflect the spirit of Mother Earth and all her kindness, one to the other, and to gain self empowerment through this resonance.

With the above as background information, what do I do now?

Gail and I own a Metaphysical shop in Fort Worth, Texas called Owl's Clover, Inc. This is where we sell gifts, mineral specimens, books. We teach classes in all levels and types of Astrology, Colloidal Silver making, ear candle making, Brotherhood of Light classes, Solarfire classes, and classes on various metaphysical topics.

We are certified teachers in the Brotherhood of Light lessons, and are frequent presenters at their conferences held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am a licensed and practicing Massage Therapist in the state of Texas with Cranio-Sacral Therapy I and II as taught by John Upledger - my specialty.

We continue our training schedule both in the United States and abroad to further The Natural World, Walking the Path of Beauty.

I still play the violin with my son Peter as often as we can squeeze in time.

We maintain our own web site www.owlswebnest.com which is a joy and a "time black hole", but rewarding.

We have SR/E clients all over the world which is a constantly rewarding ongoing work, and several astrology clients, usually associated with locational astrology.

The fact that we do YOGA four days a week allows us to do all this, as I believe without the YOGA there would be a huge gapping hole in our attunement.

I had a very wise supervisor in the past that came to me with yet another project that had to be accomplished by tomorrow, and when I responded that I was already very full up with projects he said "This is why I am giving this for you to do. If you want a project really finished on time give it to a busy person. They know how to get it done! If I give it to a relaxed easy going person, it will not be completed." I have always remembered this as I thought it fit a shape shifters reality perfectly.

OWL's Clover General information

Welcome to Owl's Clover.

Owl's Clover Inc. is dedicated to creating a space for all people to come together to share knowledge and stimulate learning. Our mission is empowerment on all levels through learning about ourselves, Mother Earth, and all those we share this journey with. Our teaching staff will bring a wealth of factual and experiential knowledge and training. Some of our teachers are:

Gail Carswell, Michael Foltz, Naomi Sampson

We have always associated Owls with wisdom and books. The owl is a bird of the night so an association with the moon is also suggested. They have short tail feathers and are silent in flight, stealth like. They seem curious about things but are happy to sit and wait until the right time to catch dinner. Gail and Michael have felt a steadfastness and a centered calmness in the owl's spirit.

Clover brings thoughts of luck and Leprechauns (it has been said that they have to reveal secrets if caught). The white flowers are a favorite of honey bees.There is a wonderful plant named Owl's Clover, but that is another story , come by and ask.

Gail Carswell and Michael Foltz